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Post your (Twitch) streams / (Youtube) videos here!

You are a streamer? You made a cool video? You can share it with everyone if you like :slight_smile: We will promote you here so you get more viewers / views. We would appreciate if you have a “HWS” in your title an…

85 January 24, 2020
What did you do in HWS today?

Hi HWS Community this topic can be your daily “hub” to show others what you did today in HWS! A cool blueprint? A crazy story? A good fight? Feel free to show others your adventure! What I did yesterday the whole day…

16 January 1, 2020
Bugs: And how to counter them

Hey guys, After yet another discussion with someone dealing with a frustrating but counter-able bug, I decided Id try to condense what in essence is my preventative maintenance for countering bugs. We all know bugs can …

9 January 25, 2019
CSW like a boss! 2 February 22, 2020
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2020 do the experiment. Make hws alpha 6 server for couple months. A6 config, gg bunker, no admin online 12 December 1, 2019
Vote against this CPU Abomination 7 November 30, 2019
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Player nickname over head 7 November 23, 2019
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