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HWS 8.X Player Killboard Latest [HWS Community] (4)

…And here we go again! For new players who are unfamiliar with the Kill board, this is a HWS feature in the connect app. When you first log in you can see the list of the most deadly PvP players for the season to date o…

Post your (Twitch) streams / (Youtube) videos here! ( 2 3 ) [HWS Community] (59)

You are a streamer? You made a cool video? You can share it with everyone if you like :slight_smile: We will promote you here so you get more viewers / views. We would appreciate if you have a “HWS” in your title an…

HWS EGS Bunker Season Auction ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [HWS Community] (134)

Hey @everyone, it’s time for the EGS Bunker auction! Here are all EGS Bunker information again: https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/egs-bunker/11591 Auction rules You have to bid at least 500k credits more than…

Bugs: And how to counter them [HWS Community] (8)

Hey guys, After yet another discussion with someone dealing with a frustrating but counter-able bug, I decided Id try to condense what in essence is my preventative maintenance for countering bugs. We all know bugs can …

HWS Hall of Fame & Achievements [HWS Community] (3)

Hey @everyone for now I will make it here in the forum. Later maybe separate in a HWS Connect card automatically fetching the data. In this topic I just want to post some data which might be interesting or just cool to…

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