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Alliance Prototype The Prototype is a relative new fourth Origin on HWS. Brazilian Community PvP Community Guide Russian / России Community Обсудите и весело провести время с друзьями HWS Police <br> Freelancer Events The Events Category is for Posting and Scheduling Events. Lawless German / Deutsche Community A place for the german community / Ein Ort für die deutsche Community
Post your (Twitch) streams / (Youtube) videos here! ( 2 3 4 ) [HWS Community] (69)

You are a streamer? You made a cool video? You can share it with everyone if you like :slight_smile: We will promote you here so you get more viewers / views. We would appreciate if you have a “HWS” in your title an…

HWS Deathmatch Ship Events [HWS Community] (4)

Hi HWS Community, we start a very new concept of Events, where you don’t have to worry about all that grind, blueprint and loot topic. These events are all about real PvP and skill! HV and SV Deathmatches | How does…

Bugs: And how to counter them [HWS Community] (9)

Hey guys, After yet another discussion with someone dealing with a frustrating but counter-able bug, I decided Id try to condense what in essence is my preventative maintenance for countering bugs. We all know bugs can …

What did you do in HWS today? [HWS Community] (13)

Hi HWS Community this topic can be your daily “hub” to show others what you did today in HWS! A cool blueprint? A crazy story? A good fight? Feel free to show others your adventure! What I did yesterday the whole day…

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Welcome to the HWS PvP Community guide! This subsection of the forum is designed to give newer PVE players a chance in PvP. This post is designed for discussion and serves as the “hub” on the guide, if you would like t…

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If you’d like to ask a question for one our curators to answer, leave a comment below. Please don’t use this area for PvP discussion or theory, use another section of the forums for that! (General Discussion) Once a qu…

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