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Let's talk about (HWS) PvP ( 2 ) (25)

Hi HWS Community, once again we are at the end of the season and that means feedback, frustration, suggestions, etc. are coming to the light. This topic however should only cover our PvP players. So I would like to dis…

3 Year Story: Origin Name Change!? ( 2 ) (28)

Hi HWS Community, almost 3 years ago HWS started the first time and it’s been a long and great road until now - with ups and downs! Some remember HWS 5? We had 5 Origins. Guardian Freelancer Trader Hunter Pirate B…

HWS Garage Ship Community Review and Discussion ( 2 ) (38)

Up front, the purpose of this post is to objectively evaluate all garage ships currently being offered and give this information to the community to allow feedback based on the stats/price of each ship. If you’ve bought…

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