100 Alien container not given

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What happened?
Did not get 100 Alien Containers with the daily loot.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> TIFA70

Server? (EU or NA)

Here is the list what we do get as daily loot (picture is from today, 14. July).

On 08. July I did got 75 RP for received 75 Alien containers with daily loot (nr.21 on the picture).

On 9. July

On 10. July

On 11. July

On 12. July

On 13 July (yesterday)

I didnt get 100000k money, but 25000 and I do mention it because to show that the award does not correspond to that in the picture given.

On 14 July (today)

Today I didnt get the 100 Alien container which would be in line to be given (according to the picture). The award given today should be given tomorrow. Means: the 100 Alien container award is skipped.

How can we help?
=> With giving me 100 Alien Container (I do need them for a friend). :slight_smile:

See here:

That is not the case here. I got the 75 containers, and 7 days later (according to the picture) it should be 100 containers. Means: the case is a skipped day according to the picture, not a delayed cycle.

If you dont want to give the 100 containers, I dont care. It is up to you. But, you should not “advertise” the award it if it is going to be skipped.

No-one got the 100 containers this month as there were not enough days to get there. Everyone will get them at the end of the next cycle I imagine.

A ticket like this is raised every season. You have not been disadvantaged in comparison to other players and you will get them in another 28 days. If you are short of RP, the fragments give an insane amount of RP very early in the season compared to the usual.

well, don’t know how did it work, but yeah…

100 ACs


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