2/12/20 23:24 Server Restarted & My Ships Disappeared, Left me in Orbit in Pheonix

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What happened:
=> I was in Pheonix Orbit before server restart with a CV named Denavici CV, a SV named DenaVici SV, and a small SV that I had just taken to Egg. After the server restart I logged in to find myself floating in orbit. My ships are no where in sight. I checked Structure Commander on HWS Connect & the registry in game and my ships are no where to be found.

Player(s) with issue:
=> DenaVici

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> After the restart and I logged on, the server time was 23:24

=> Pheonix Space

Structure Name(s):
=> DenaVici CV, DenaVici SV, and some small sv I dunno the name

Structure ID(s):
=> I am not sure since I can’t find the ships anymore in the registry

How can we help you now:
=> Why did my ships disappear? Did I do something wrong? If not, can I please get my ships restored? I spent the last few hours mining and would be disappointed if I lost not only my ships, but also the ore that was in the boxes.

Yes and no.
It’s recommended to read the Guide before playing on HWS:

You might have wondered why rare resources are in PvE already. You know why now :wink:
Since you are semi new I restored your ships for free near you now. Next time it will cost the regular fee.

I recommend that your big faction teaches new players more about HWS @Zackey_TNT


Many Thanks RexXxus

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