2.12 vote missing NA **( 4. 12 EU )

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What happened:

Voted 2.12, no vote counted on dashboard.

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I would like to have the vote correctly tallied, thank you.

He voted 2 times and got the reward of his 2 votes.
I see nothing wrong.


no vote was recorded yesterday?

hmm I think it’s a misunderstanding of vote and reward.
If you check your own screenshot you see “VoteCounter: 2”
That the day is the third december doesn’t matter here.

Or just let’s say: if he votes today, there should be a “VoteCounter: 3” coming up.
If not, let me know again.

so that is what was reported in the dashboard after voting today.
(vote counter: 2)

there is nothing in the dashboard that indicates i voted yesterday…
i’ve had 3 votes so far on NA and only showing 2 votes registering, so im a bit confused as to why the vote counter is only showing 2.

conversely i also voted 3 times on EU, and all 3 times are registered and accounted for.

i dont know maybe im losing my mind.

Before continuing: I only check the player “Coco”, ok?
Are you Coco?

yes, that is who i am in game

But you are referring to EU! I thought NA…

side note there is a base built into an asteroid in Atlantis orbit (3681, 1252, 3779)

  • i feed bad reporting it because its obviously a newbie base…
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Even EU looks good for “Coco”… :thinking:


so i voted 3 times NA, only 2 logged.

i voted 3 times eu, and all 3 logged.

I am pretty sure i voted before CSW, if i am wrong im am sorry for taking your time.

Ok, for NA I see the second december is missing.
But the website API telling me that you did not vote for today yet.

Can you please move over here and vote?

You see on the right that your name is missing, right… that website can compete with its bugs with Empyrion… so annoying…

Well, I added the third reward for you manually for now


error url above

That is ok. Just a feedback API call.

The only logical explanation would be if you forgot to vote yesterday, so you are 1 day off basically.
But you said you voted on 1st, yesterday and today. So I assume a bug on the website.

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Thank you!
you’re the man :grinning:

RexXxus Flexin on HWS

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So another day, another broken api.

4 . 12.

Voted on EU, but it didnt get logged…
Voted on NA and worked fine.


they need to fix their code :slight_smile:

fixed manually but I’m really lost (annoyed).
I don’t see any mistake on my site.

Gave it manually to you.

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5 , 12
NA :ballot_box_with_check:

am i the only user experiencing this?