2 days now, my faction Alien containers havent giving me RP

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What happened? No RP received from faction lvl alien containers. normal run through black manor mission was giving me:

20-07-19 17:53 Container RP Got 2 RP for having 2 container 542
20-07-19 17:53 Container RP Got 14 RP for having 2 container 541
20-07-19 17:50 Container RP Got 1 RP for having 1 container 542

Yesterday I didnt get RP for my faction alien containers
just now didnt ge those or some of the yellow RP containers


Player(s) with issue? (steam name) TeeDuk

Server? (EU or NA) NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time) today about 630pm

On which Playfield? while on black manor mission

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now? Need to fix the mission or the consuming of the containers. I have my faction weapon on me. Have not received 30 RP due to whatever bug this is. I also still have 2 “damaged” alien containers from this mission from yesterday.

still weird, yes.
Can you put the 2 AC in your inventory plz, so I can fix them?

What do you mean with that though? What are “faction alien containers”?

The gray colored alien containers. As my sample above shows, there are 17 (minimum) RP points for a player to receive in there plus 4 additional non faction containers. If you look at my log, the last 2 runs consumed the containers I am supposed to consume but didnt reward the RP’s. My log shows my runs through all netting the same 17 rp up until yesterday.

I will move the damaged containers into my inventory but will take a few minutes, have to head back to base for them

Containers in inventory RexXxus. Thanks

ok fixed.

yes, they are only for Freelancer and give +7RP each.

So where are those?
I see you got them at 6:28 in your inventory
Where did they go?

The yellow and grey both disappeared as if they were consumed for RP. I put the red and purple on the market.

ok so they disappeared as they should but did not give you the RP!?

And you could sell the red ACs even though they are damaged too? Weird.

Todays 4 containers I could sell, no damage. The others I reported were damaged for some reason. I did the exact same run through and sometimes the come out damaged.

Yes, the 2 x yellow and 2 x grey both disappeared but gave no RP (also, didnt log on my dashboard any notice of RP) . 1 yellow did give RP, that was today.

Same yesterday, 2 x yellow and 2 x grey didnt give RP but that was also during one of the major disconnect spikes so I was going to let that go. There was no such spike today so its a bug somewhere.


hmm yes. Very weird overall. Time for cleanup on 5th August :frowning:

Maybe @Jascha knows where the ACs went or not registered. It’s quite a fundamental feature and first time I hear it.

Gave you the 17RP for now.

Thanks. That it happened during disconnects and NOT during disconnects is why I reported it. It is weird. Everything has been working great up until the past couple days. I appreciate the help on this , hopefully it can be figured out =)

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