4 ships dissappeared off my cv

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: 4 ships dissappeared somewhere between eu and na.
Player(s) with issue: abrum13
Server: eu or na
Time (cb:time): 9:50 ish
Playfield: eu EGS, eu CSW or NA CSW
Structure Name(s): Not sure all the names, but lego 1, no the droid, Wambulance, hazardemption
Structure ID(s): not sure
How can we help you now: Find em?

Maybe a “please” is missing, heh?

Half of your posted structure names can’t be find. Rest of them are active in EU floating in CSW, rest is somewhere in Sanctuary.
I think you are able to “find” them yourself.
Our job is to restore them IF a bug vanished them, not in running after you, collecting your too many structures.

No hard feelings here but I am sensitive to this kind of “order” commands. That does not work with me.