500 fiber challenge

So I was banned by the automated system for being a better player. The accuse was that I had collected more then 500 fiber through abusing the infinit pickup bug.
That’s why I decided to make a nice video in order to teach you nabs that picking up 500 fiber in 20 minutes is possible. I will also demonstrate you the maths here. Have fun!

Empyrion Galactic Survival on HWS - 500 Fiber for Naps

Now to tell you the whole story, I had my 3rd attempt already in which I collected more then 500 fiber, which resulted in getting banned for wrong accusations.
Picking up 500+ or even 700 or 1.000 fiber in 20 minutes is easily done.

Here a little math: collecting 500 fiber in ~20 minutes will result in a pickup rate of one node of fiber in ~7.2 seconds. If you use the shift key or the jetpack, this is done easily.
Remember also that fiber is picked up as a bunch of 3x fiber at once. This means that I will have to pick up around 165 fiber in 20 minutes which is realistic. In fact, the video shows that I even collected 500 fiber in ~15 minutes while killing 2 golems and a couple arachnids, so what’s your problem actually? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rexxxus, you owe me 1.500 fiber that the system took away from me.
Thx, 4nytime

Thanks for your calculation. Would love to see the video.

Some people will spent time doing such calculations and picking up fiber for some reasons and some will just hold the T button and say fuck it. Cause I don’t have time for such things I removed fiber from selling. Hopefully the devs will fix this soon.

I gave you your 1,5k fiber cause of your time in proving me this. Thx.

One more thing to explain the infinity bug to all: The infinite pickup bug happens ramdomly on bad connection or after a reconnect.
In this case, things like corndogs, blue crystals or alien plasma, fiber etc. can be picked up multiple times through hitting the T key.

Lets assume a player stands there and hits the T key, 3 times per second (in reality, the player will be smashing the key 15 times per second…).
If we proceed with the exploitation for 15 minutes, this would result in picking up 8.100 units of fiber in the same time where I collected 500.
Now, if the player is smashing the key 15x/sec this gives us an amount of 40.500 units which can obviously only achieved through an exploit.

So I just completed the video upload and added the link. Thank you Rexxxus for being a good and fair admin, I appreciate that.
Homeworld Server is a great place for Empyrion players and we all know you put a lot of work and time into it, thank you for that! (Also iozz and Jascha btw. :stuck_out_tongue:)


In case the video has not good enough quality, I will do the challenge again and collect over 700 fiber in better resolution using Kavae Coffee as steroid.

Yeah, the bug is supposedly pretty rare to come across, but it can happen usually on cosmetic objects like rocks and other things. That said it’s very difficult to remove them since you can’t tell when they’ll occur until you find one, even then it’ll only last til reset and be removed automatically. Basing it on resource count can lead to false positives, however I’d say if someone gathers a full stack of fiber in say… 2 minutes, that would be a better cheat case than 500 in 20 minutes.

It actually doesn’t last till reset, it still lasts till the 30 min timer on the item is done as always. Tested, confirmed, and reported.