5AP "Underground Turrets"

Hey folks,

There has been a lot of discussion about 5AP having underground turrets in chat recently. Maybe a lot of these people are just trolls, but I just wanted to share something really quick to demonstrate just how bad the terrain rendering glitch can be at times.

Here is a screenshot of a turret base called t28 that we have on Gold Planet:

At this distance some are thinking “That would definitely render! 5AP is cheating!! ADMIN PLZ!”. Here’s another screenshot of the same turret base seconds later, but even closer:

Each turret is clearly 100% above ground. I’m not saying don’t report us - please, if you think the turret is underground, report it. We aren’t in the business of just wasting resources though, so I assure you that every turret I know of is exactly like this - ever since the rules were clarified and we had ~26 turret bases deleted. But hey, don’t trust me, when in doubt have an admin take a look. Seems like it’ll go one of two ways: you might get some RP for reporting, or you might be told that if you falsely accuse anymore you’ll have your credits/rp wiped. Main point being, maybe don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions, or if you must, please just take it to the forums instead of being such a troll in chat. I’m sure most people are tired of seeing us argue in global chat with people who think we’re cheating.

Thanks for reading!



Tomatoes, tomatos. My intrepretation of the rule regarding underground turrets, is that those holes are made from equipment to lower the turrets.
Not any natural formation, most of the surrounding surface levels are higher.

Tomatos, tomatoes … same same but diffrent ? :tomato:

Following below is what was intended to be the entire contents of my reply, which I was unable to post as originally intended due to a requirement that posts be longer than 7 characters:


These holes are made after the BP spawn otherwise turrets have no line of sight and won’t shoot.
When you spawn those base, you have to “burry” the blue frame precisely and it can be difficult when this frame is 50 meters tall, it can disappear and you’ve to guess how deep it’s burried, if it’s too much, turrets won’t shoot and you have to use your drill.