6.0 Easy, Medium or Hard

I guess Rex is gonna do what he gonna do cant wait to see… But if there were a poll i’d go medium at the least, but I vote hard.

OCD will be locked away at the start… This will be the one chance for rusty veterans to polish their early game for a while.

OCD will be locked for everyone at the start, this wont change :smiley:

and with 6.0 so focused on the survival aspects, and its turning out so well we don’t want players to rush the game just to get to the universe

So for sure we will not make the start of the game an easy ride, whats the hurry anyway :wink:


Hi Achilles,

I’ve already set up a support system to get off any starter with just the resources from the HWS auto miners and what comes in the escape pod in just under two hours in 6.0 at lvl 20. Sooner if you don’t want to go all the way to 20.

I figure you get off starter, claim the best spot on origin after pulling from your unlimited OCD resources in EM and kill any others coming in? If your faction is large enough camp the other origin planets for people coming from EM with bellies full of OCD loot and gun them down.

Or did I miss the point? It’s the only way the new player can hope to complete with the 3.x and 4.x generation…

How about a one month delay on OCD access? I’d be down with that!

Yep… I agree.

A delay on OCD access would be fun. Maybe instead of a month perhaps not until level 20. the hardcore players will reach that threshold in less than a week. hmm… I think a month sounds good.

You mean 25 right?

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hopskoth hush!!

that info is for 6.0 experimental testers only! lolz.

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Yeah I meant 25. Two forums to follow is one to many for me!

And this is rly stupid idea for MP… wasting of time.

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Ah, Alex is back :stuck_out_tongue: the daily doze of hate - let it aaall out.

Yep, you missed a big big point :wink: This won’t be possible… for the most part… you will see.

The start will be slowed down and you will get completely different experience depending what origin you’ll choose.

ye ye ye… just w8 dat 6.0 with hopes… Which wouldnt happend in near future…

Btw, thats not hate. Thats real fact: if u wonna survival - u go in SP. Do this in MP, where main target is conquest vs other players… U rly think that Im glad to waste few days for dat lvl and first warp-CV?.. Any way this wouldnt give me any fun or new experience. Thats just stupid grind, which u could see in any other MMORPG. And I need do this again in 6.0 =\ Oh man…

Well I know what you mean but your response to that

is just a bit silly because well - go to another server and you don’t have OCD at all.

And it isn’t really grinding - it is part of the game and a kind of “test”. It is a survival game after all and this is what you have to do. I think what you want to play is Battlefield or Counter Strike or Heroes & Generals :wink:
If you won’t survive the beginning then you won’t survive later at all. I think even for “profis” like you it is good to play with the new radiation, temperature, etc.

You will have pew pew more than enough later on.

But well everyone think different.

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That’s your opinion man, we did the poll and we have a nice split of 50% pvp and 50% pve. So the whole idea of dominating as in pve player doesnt make much sense.

Everyone will be in the same boat at the start… No Ocd, but actually the more combat orientated origins have a tougher time… Survival is more difficult at the beginning…choosing an origin isn’t as easy as just clicking and saying… Yep I’m a pirate now… But I mean you could go trader to have an easier start, not sure swt has the same ring as SWP…probably not good for street credit :wink:

Anyway, a lot of what has been mentioned is irrelevant with our new universe and 6. 0 features but what is 100% is we will try to slow down the rush to avoid all the actual fun parts of the surviving in egs… Call it the grind or whatever… But in reality once youre off the start that it, surviving is 300% easier…

As we found from 5.0 sooner or later you run out of things to do… So why is it such a rush at the start… Enjoy the survival times and earning you right to be in a particular origin… Things are so different is 6.0 trust me the rush won’t benefit players in the long run :blush:


We all here, bc we had more than on other servers ©

Test? Wasting few days for lvl and materials on Warp-CV - its survival?)))) Thats even not funny. Im pirate - my interest is fights. I and all our faction create PvP-fun for all. We didnt see fun in griding, even if its part of the game. bnm.

Btw from all dat games, rly good would be only CS. All in same position with same possibilities - wins only for skilled play. We think Emp could have the same practice.

If u wonna see survival in Emp - create some conquest. U need some reasons to name this survival. Check Travian, Star Bounty or even “7 days to die”. The last one: yes u farm, yes u build and even could go PvP, but every night and 7th day u need to SURVIVE. That real survive. Not like we had in Emp - build Ship, hide in deep space, and live there to the end of times (some time go on some PvE-planets for resources). Where u see survival?.. The only dangerous thing is that u got: its a lot of monsters around, and not so much ammo. And thats all. Create mini-BA with garden, HV for farm = survival end. gg.

I already check it on test branch. Yes, its rly interesting things. But only for SP, when MP space empty. I think u wouldnt feel all those features in heavy PvP on 20k block CVs…

I hope. I rly w8 this.

Want to make it different from grinding - make some challenge. Even it would be deff vs enemies waves - that would be more interesting, and MORE survival, than stupid drill, shoot, drill, shoot, drill and drill…

If a pirate start is harder and trader is easier me and many others are gonna go the easy route. Origins never worked on this server.

That is a lame statement. Only because we are the only server trying something very special, doing even game development stuff and need to polish and learn from it does not mean it will never be good.
At least with such lazy stupid statements it will never get better because no one gives constructive feedback then obviously… -.-

So go ahead and pick the easy start but do not complain / cry about the rewards the harder ones get.


@Achilles, Hey man. Currently everyone’s plan on the server is to run as rogue traders I would suspect. Best FA:Supply and no limitations on combat ability with the easiest starter. Why wouldn’t you?

I mean once your faction is up and pounding you can always have some CB:Restart as Pirate or whatnot but why punch yourself in the junk at the beginning if there are no restrictions. Something like Below. the origin system is great but without a big negative and only positives your really only picking starter planet and FA:Supply (Oh and avoiding Lancers :wink: )

Each origin needs a flaw and currently Freelancer is the only one that gets any hate. The below is just an talking point example and is probably it’s own topic. I would love to see a request for our input on the Origin system which I love it just needs tweaking!

Traders should be restricted on weapons their CV’s and SV’s can equip but can build class 5 bases.

Pirates should get more weapons on CV’s and SV’s but be limited to class 2 bases.

Guardians should get class 5 CV’s but class 3 bases and SV’s.

Hunters get class 4 across board.

Lancers get class 3 CV’s but can go to any origin planet.


You are forgetting some thing very crucial…

you are all making assumptions on how it is NOW in 5.0…

all valid points for the system right now…

do you think the past months work has been just sat planning to keep everything the same, that isnt HWS is it :wink:

so don’t panic, and yea some people will go trader in 6.0 to have an easy start maybe, But if PVP is what they want mainly…They will be at a disadvantage right after the starters…

Gone are the days of having your cake and eating it, you want an easy start and no PVP restrictions like the old traders…good luck with that in 6.0 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Achilles If that’s true you made my day.

Will Lancers have a PvP path to Arma? make it hard; I don’t care but don’t make it impossible! I need my 7 a day RP!

Hmm, now im worried as a trader that my game will suck… Do i need to pick Freelancer now because traders appear to be the sucky origin now? XD