6.0 to much to soon?

look, my veiws on empyrion at the moment are crap lol hws team yes they are doing a fantastic job and i will support them till my pc dies lol. BUT lets give some facts===== player unknown battle grounds one of the most played games on steam to date why ??? get a gun and shoot=== game play is simple…another flappy birds==== slap a screen,lol unforgetable simple,lol mario,mine craft etc you get the drift lol one question is space engineers up there mmmmmm no lol every one plays it but dont stay at it lol … devs all they had to do is fix lagg shot,end of … empyrion would still be in a good position as there is nothing out there that compares to it , even in 6.0 there was no reason add extra mmmmmm SHIT lol, i have played the lot of space survival games all still not as advanced to date than empyrion lol so smashing extra crap into the core when they aint fixed whats wrong is poooooo lol keep it simple, keep it easy as there is a wide range of ages playing so dont complicate things lol fix that needs to get fixed… so its my friday vodka rant love me, i will love you lmao

okay… please ban smudgy when he’s been drinking :stuck_out_tongue:

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