7.0 RC3 CV, SV and HV spawning restrictions

Just rambling, checked the new “features” of the latest RC, not too thrilled about it.

Anybody else think it’s a crap move? I’m thinking they should at least allow a very small vessel (CV/SV) to be spawned, or limit by class size or devices (15 is enough to spawn a getaway sled). This is one move that is gonna drive people from playing if they must always restart if they don’t set the home spawn.

It’s brilliant!

why: becuase it brings back the use of carrier’s you raid your enemy base and spawn your blue prints from your f2 onto your cv (carrier) and if the enemy wants to stop your raid he just has to go and kill your carrier to stop you endlessly spawning your blue prints, so now even as an attacker you have a weak spot and cant just sit there till your bored of spawning new stuff.


It’s awful trying to spawn your cv on a 250x100 meters platform, the green frame appears for 0.00001 second, i spent minutes spamming left click to spawn a class 7 cv.

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does page up and page down work?

Looks like the official forums are mixed reactions as well. A lot of ppl for and against.

if this implemented on hws i hope at lest that they will up the ship limit for fation/personal ships…

This implementation of spawning your SV/CV/HV on a base is total shit. Has to be PERFECT, the larger the vessel the more difficult to spawn. They need to remove this til they fix it properly, cant even spawn anything in creative without needing to spend 5 minutes trying to get it perfectly lined up…

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Good Morning,

the reactions are mixed indeed.
Personally I like it even though in orbit it shouldn’t be so restrictive maybe.
But on planets it works perfect with OP, AGZ, BP, everything.
Let’s see how it turns out.

Regarding the Creative spawning hate that is unfortunately that people does not know the “sbp” command and spamming the forums with it …

Coming soon…


I suggest that if there are controls that HWS have for this, tier 1 items can be spawned anywhere, especially if they are unarmed. That, or we are granted access to our OCD’s, even on PVP planets where we can build a quick platforme and escape ship.

Personally, until I see more about this system (I believe a spawner similar to the repair bay should be used), I am against its full implamentation. Unless there is a EGS transportation hub on every planet, accessable only to those who have no structure, ship or hover craft on the planet. This transport hub takes you only to the bank, and it is only one way travel. Yes, at a cost in credits, possibly rep points too if you want to be that demanding.

Could have an admin POI that is indestructible with a warp gate to a space station, and the planet POI is hostile to anything with a core.

That works to help ensure what I envisioned, and to help protect the player from being harassed by someone when the player fleeing by foot has nothing left and cannot fight.