7/13/17 Starter wipe

Sorry to hear that this has caused so much trouble but I do have some questions about whats going on because I keep hearing mixed info on the server.

So, firstly, and probably the most important to me is the “orbital wipe” that will also take place during the starter wipe. Is there going to be one? I see that its mentioned in the announcement but it doesn’t really say that it will be wiped starting this wednesday or starting every wednesday after so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I asked in chat and some people have said that there won’t be a wipe, while others argue that the admins have confirmed a orbital wipe.

2nd, I do have a CV built, but its not in a state for leaving the starter area (was hoping to get everything finished by the weekend and then leave then). If there is a orbital wipe, what do i need to do with my CV or is it a “an orbital wipe is coming, either gtfo or get the delete” type of deal.

I don’t consider myself a veteran of the game, I know how to build an operational CV, but outside that I have limited experience in the game. sorry for an trouble but thanks for any info provided!

Not today. Not tomorrow.
But next Tuesday.

In any case move it today to Inception Space II so other people can move to the orbit!

No problem.
Good you are asking.


I am in a similar position. I know what I’m doing in-game, and I do have a CV, but it is definitely not warp-worthy. It took me until yesterday to be at a level to construct one capable of warping (leveling was tougher with competition for resources).
It is not in my interest to stay in the starter world, but my plan was to make a warp ship and wait for my faction mate, who is on vacation. Due to the wipe, he would be coming back to nothing. Going by past iterations, I would have lived in space and not tied up the planet while waiting for this. Now it seems space is the problem.

I will move to inception space II as soon as I an (in approximately 9 hours).

Thanks for the speedy reply rex! Ya, should be out of starter system by next tuesday anyways, so looking forwrad to exploring the new universe.

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