86 Oasis - Public Amenities In Orbit

H86 has created an orbital space station with several amenities for public use; containing oxygen, food, constructors, and med bays. It will be located inside Hunter starter orbit between wipes for now.

As an added bonus to the usual findings at a public destination hub we have set up “bounty boards”. These signs can be used by anyone who wishes to place and advertise a bounty for hunters to see and then take up contract. You can feel free to message “Warden” or "Got2bKittenMe"on the HWS Discord for more info or find us in game under the H86 hunter faction titles- AsherGrey or SxKttnMVP.

You can also contact us to see about using a sign to advertise other useful information around the server.

If you are a hunter looking for a faction, we will be recruiting.

Hope everyone is having a blast with the new patch and this server. We love it here and are happy to meet you all.
Thanks for taking a look at our post.



yep, still the coolest thing I’ve seen so far.

Is this NA, EU, or EUPVE?

Thanks Joe!

It is on NA. :smile: _