8th April Alpha!


as you all know for sure on 8th of April the alpha will be released - yay!

There are three things you need to know about it regarding our HWS Server:

  1. before the Alpha there will be a lot of PVP events. Just kill everything you see - cause it will be wiped anyways.
  2. On the Alpha day I update as soon as I can. But I really need to test everything before. So stay tuned.
  3. Donators won’t keep their level but get a good starting help in terms of resources and blueprints. Depending on the list: empyrion-homeworld.net/donation

Hey guys,

as mentioned ingame I am preparing the alpha universe, next events and much more.

Till the alpha we will have random little events which makes the wait more pleasent.

Starting now with making Peacekeeper I PvP.
Every day on 6pm the next playfield turns into PvP. We have six left so it is perfect :wink:
So the next PvP change is today at 6pm. Peacekeeper II! Prepare to move or fight for your CVs!


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Hey Rex I can’t log I to the server ir keeps loading, know what to do to fix this ?

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Hi hatir,

i warped you into Pk4 since your Orbit you were in seemed to be bugged. Sorry :frowning:



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As you might have heard: Alpha was moved for one week :frowning:
So next week will be the great day.

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