A Big Big wish for the future :)

can HWS change to Space Engineers and open there the same game season :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I would donate to support some HWS Space Engineers. SE needs a good stable multiplayer server with the sort of attention to detail that HWS does so well.

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yes a nice dream , the HWS Staff and min. 75% of the Empyrion community chance to ES would more then a nice dream .

I support space engineers! since they have this massive space where you can hide your base, and more realistic building, and air pressure :slight_smile:
we just need Rexxus to work out his magic :slight_smile:

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if we could clone the HWS team :thinking:

season 11 a black hole pop up at home world and all pilots fly in and get out in SE Universe :slight_smile:
the rest of us die by a super nova .

OMG HWS server for SE would be ace. I have the game but not played it that much but I would if they was a HWS.

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Me 2

155 hrs SE play time and i bought the game at 1st , but 500 hrs Empyrion because the HWS staff / Server is the only point .Sry for that , but SE is the better game . But what the game need is the HWS team :smile:

LOL do you ready waste 3-4 hours in real time for a build 2k blocks vessel? And after that loose it after couple hits of enemy missile turret ). SE it is very “longplay” game even with couple of mods. SE do not habe the BP factory. All ships builds by hand or by building vessels\drones with manual controll. SE it is good creative sandbox not more. And MP game sometimes is madness (simulation and etc - who played they know)

SE have BP and BP factory and a Full repair station for ship repairs
but only if u know the MODDER or u can C++

close the same here u build your ship in the Creative mod save it to a BP and build it in legit game but in SE u can build a Ship Factory and repair stations that FULL repair your ship in true time in game in Empyrion u need to spawn a new version !! from your imaginär BP factory

Empyrion is younger then SE and Empyrion is nothing more then a smale version from SE ( more Accade ) booth get at same time her Planet system and so on.

All this features is mods. And i played SE when you “walking under table” my friend. Just play in SE more than 1K hours and you understand how it really work. lol i mean 1000 hour MP gameplay.