A Chance to Turn off EAC?

I dont know if this is possible…if not ok I can wait.

Since everyone or mostly people is having troubles with the Themida error mixed with been kicked by EAC. Same as EAC not working cant unistall or repair it. Some say the themida error is not about the EAC but only happens on servers with this addon added. Is there a chance that can be place it off till the update?. As I sayd if this will cause problems to the server or people cheating ok dont do it and ill wait till the update :slight_smile:

Just sharing…:beers:

Nvm founded a way to force EAC to work by doing it manual.

It has nothing to do with server when it happens when launching the game. And when EAC is disabled it never happens so chances of this being EAC are rather big. Yes some people worked around it by launching EAC manually. I personally just spam the launch game.

Yes it will allow us to literally dupe items if you turn it off. Admin tool doesn’t detect everything (neither does EAC btw). But it will protect us against idiots which luckily most cheaters seem to be.

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