A desperate Plee!

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What happened:
I had traveld to the ‘homeworld’ system for the very first time feeling as a new player i was ready for this epic adventure, i had my Capital ship and my brand new HV miner and a smaller SV on board. as i love to explore i use my capital ship as my base too so had everything i had ever collected and owned on board, when i got there i liked the look of desert world. so i took my CV down and started to look around. i was like ‘WOW’ all this ore to mine! so i landed and jumped out to get my shiney new miner out the back and started to mine giggling in delight at how much i was getting!, after about 5mins and 700 meters down i got the message about, somthing to do with class sizes down on the surface and a waring they will be removed if i do not basicly get them off the plannet. i am at least 500ms away and 700ms down in a HV by time i got back up to the top my CV got taken, about 30s after that the HV i was in kicked me out and got taken too, i loged out slightly upset as all my stuff was gone and chilled out, i looked for information and came acorss egs:buyback command thanks to help on discord. i loged back in to the game and tried to find my ships, i checked HWS connect and for some reason only 1 of my SVs that i had now was there and still belonged to me, it was not there and like that when i loged out. both my CV, and my HV are totaly gone. no idea how, why, what happend or anything, i absolutely love playing on this HWS server and with all the tools and features its clear so much passion and effort has gone in to it, but at times it is compleatly overwhelming for a new player and can very quickly get caught up in to it. i enjoy the community and love playing on the server, but i lost everything i had due to not knowing somthing that was forbiden (having the wrong class size on a planet surface) and lost everything because i could not make it back to my ship in time to correct my mistake, i lost like 50hs worth of playtime on hws in like 10mins. it sucks and i am really upset about it. i was wondering if its possible to get my ship back and my HV and all my stuff i had on it. i understand i will loose stuff and its a part of the game but to loose it in this way just was gut renching. thanks for reading, team sbt
Player(s) with issue:

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 3-5PM Aroundish 4/29/2019

=> Desert world

Structure Name(s):
=> Reaper 20 XL (HV)

Structure ID(s):
=> I do not know really sorry as they are no longer on HWS connect

How can we help you now:
=> please please can you recover my CV and HVs and all the contents of what was inside my CV its everything i had


I could only see the NOMAD-XT structure being seized and deleted. The Other structure does not exist, or at least not with that Name. But the one that exists is already yours and on ECC.
I restored the NOMAD close to you on ECC.

Keep in mind the Tax on ECC though. I restored the tax for the 31st, but make sure you leave before the Tax will be counted in the morning.

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omg thank you so much! best server ever thank you thank you


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