A proposal to improve the balance Offline protection

We know that the mechanic Offline protection does not work very well.
Logoff in combat as a defense of the ship or base usual thing

There is a simple and very effective way to use a logoff only for its intended purpose - agression timer.
Every time you get/put damage on NPC or use Drill - your timer set to 3 min. Every time you get/put damage to other player your timer set to 15 min.
In that time - with logoof your body not disappear and your OP doesnt work.
I think it is simple, effective way to improove OP balance ingame.

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Yup, used in many other games - needs Dev to implement however and should also be configurable by server admins so they can adapt the mechanic to their particular server style

This is exactly the case when the bike is already invented and nothing should be better