A PvP twist for furious next season


Hey guys and gals !

Making this thread to set the challenge in stone for those who might think its all talk :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I have given myself the challenge of staying in pvp 24/7 next season.
I still start in pve and keep a base there to CB:home to if it goes wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I spawn my CV the challenge is to head out into pvp and remain in pvp for the rest of the season with that ship.

I will use stealth to hide vessel when offline.
I will use stargates and warp for travel within pvp.
I should be able to mine the regular resources out there to keep me with basics for repairs.

Though this means i might need a permanent drill on board the pvp design which senor odd of flicky has offered to construct for me at least the super structure.

I will fight and attack other ships when necessary.
though i will be living in pvp relying only on that ship for survival, I will of course find instances that I have to try and run away in order to maintain this challenge of surviving in pvp 24/7 alone.

Life will no doubt be tough for me and all likeliness at my current pvp experience level, I wont last very long to start with :stuck_out_tongue:
However I will come straight back out as soon as my ship is rebuilt if i get popped.

I think this would be a lot of fun and i always feel like i am getting my money worth when a game makes me sweat :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone else is up for similar challenge ? could cohort with me perhaps ^-^

Also advice is appreciated

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Sounds so cool budd. Make a diary for us :wink: will follow

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Oh yeah for sure, will probably log it here save spamming the discord chat with it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds cool, i wish you good luck.


Contemplating the idea more.

I dont want reasons to go to pve but ultimately I will need somewhere to repair, i suppose i could just carry a small bp of a repair bay .interface core and fuel tank lol

park on it 60km out, but if i have a potential class 7 ship with heavy damage… I wont have time to repair it in pvp from heavy damage without being tracked.
So I guess I will need a base in pve that i will have to visit for major repairs…

Then there is needing to make rations, ammo etc, i dont wanna fill the pvp ship with cons and processors and junk but i may have no choice if i intend to stay in pvp 24/7

Bleh :stuck_out_tongue:

Another option would be to arrange supplies from a player who would visit me in pvp bringing junk that i need.
That adds a little bit of risky role play fun for both of us ^-^
This will be my option 1 and will see if I can make that happen.

With that, I would only need to visit pve for template repairs.

Also i could buy some small supplies from pvp npc traders.

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So I have been spending a lot of time in pvp getting some practice for next season.

Only using a smaller class cv atm but thus far, have manage to ward off an attacking CV in black hole with it, they warped out after 30 seconds of me fighting back.

I have been around cebo a bit, popped a red escape cv possibly used as sensor.

I found a base in the sathon belt today, turned out to be a guys pve base with his pve cv and his pve MX class SV all there while he was offline, area was pvp now and he did not even have his turrets with ammo 0.o

Man that could have been harsh for him, I messaged him in discord, and told him of his mistake, he soon came on and began to ship his stuff out whilst I remained nearby ready to tackle any predators :slight_smile:
I had a little role for a while as protector !

I even sat guarding him when he came back and dismantled his base block for block.
During this process another CV did start to approach…

The clan tag was Ban and i did not recognise the name, he slowly passed by us within 200m, I had instantly pointed my ship at him to show my teeth in the form of a full array of fixed weapons and kept them pointing in his direction as he passed by, I fully expected to be under attack but it never happened, he went and mined a nearby asteroid.

The guy who made his base by mistake then had salvaged enough for his needs and departed.

Job done.

Whilst out here i mined about10k each z and e, I dont even need it, might trade it for food for new guys who need some rare ore and are not yet equipped for pvp areas.

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Something that partly inspired this challenge.

Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-class “Panzerschiff” (armored ship), nicknamed a “pocket battleship” by the British, designed to be small and fast but heavily gunned.

The surface raider had been at sea at the start of the Second World War in September 1939, and had sunk several merchantmen in the Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean.

The ship remained at sea for this period and would only take on supplies when the cruiser rendezvoused with her supply ship Altmark which would use a coded set of random locations to avoid being tracked.

I love this concept so this is part why I wanted to do this challenge.

I have created a class 3 1/2 CV with full weapon meta for HWS, I am naming her the Graf Spee to be used as a pocket battleship for next season for my challenge.

Certainly not a godship but designed to stay alive in PvP via means of mini engagements and escapes.
I will be supplied by allies who will bring supplies to me in PvP as the Altmark did for the graf spee in ww2.

Being smaller I wont have to spend so much time repairing or rebuilding it, this way I can stay in PvP for longer periods and avoid long wait time in PvE.

Unlike the average godship I have had to add constructor so I can mine and create my own fuel and ammo on the move, I dont really know if the pvp godship types have constructors on board.

I added a fridge in cockpit also, I am not too worried about this stuff being destroyed, the ship has a good lagshot hull for its size and short engagements should prevent damage going as far as the cockpit.

I can only fight where I have an even or advantage, certainly would not face a class 7 godship for long.

However next season I will be part of a large active mixed play clan and will be working as a pvp connection for them.
I will use my pocket battleship to support them where needed in PvP.
I am sure a full hws meta of weapons can help as support, even if they are on a smaller platform.
In return my allies will bring me the food and o2 and wood supplies I need for plastic and nitro.

I dabbled in sathon yesterday some more, the idea was to learn how to spot ships coming in the distance, I was actively seeking ships to tease in sathon for a few hours and was approached by an enemy ship 3 times in a row, each time i warped before he could get in range because I saw him coming but each time I let him get a bit closer until finally he was able to fire a couple of laser at my side.
This was a good range finding test for me.

For me this is good practice for next season, quick escape method and ship spotting tactics will help me stay alive in pvp with an inferior size class ship.

I will mine tons of Z and E while im out there to sell on ecc at cheap cheap prices ;)))

Being pvp I am sure as hell going to want to fight, and I will have an occasional brief skirmish with godships when I get bored.

In my own role, I may attack the ships clearly inferior to my own, though I dont want to take their ships or goods, i want to pop their warpy and demand a bit of resource to let them go ^-^

I will be fair when possible to do so, I know a lot of people don’t do fair in pvp but I will try to be nice :3

Like the graf spee I will be ever vigilant for those groups of superior ships seeking to put a stop to my goals :slight_smile:

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Although I already have a 3.5 CV for my challenge…

Last night I forged a class 6 PvP CV super structure for HWS.
Full HWS weapon meta.
Current size 6.32 and rising with addition structure to come :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I am quite excited because it is truly a beast.
I will happily go up against the biggest ships in this :stuck_out_tongue:
Further, I intend to have her refit with some Xeno steel.

I will start out with the 3.5 Graf Spee and if it gets wiped out too easily I shall return in the class 6, named as the Graf Spee.

I will make sure it is ready and waiting to spawn when i need it.


With some more clever structure work, my new ship is now class 7 at 6.52

I don’t feel the need to go much higher, and there are already 1 or 2 things adding a little to the class size that most pvp god ship types don’t have.

Will happily have a good fight in this but I don’t expect to win against an all out max possible class god ship as I have sacrificed a little class size for a couple of amenities here to allow survival in PvP 24/7.

  • 6 drills (mine resources for fuel and ammo)
  • 1 multi turret( for its zoom capacity)
  • 1 advanced constructor(making o2, fuel ammo)
  • 1 fridge (this is not essential, could throw this out if needed)
  • 1 gravity gen
  • 2 large hp cargo boxes.
  • 3-4 pieces of deco in cockpit & 2 passenger seats. (added a plant because I will miss planets)

I gave it some character on the exterior with a few flat steel as patterns and glowing red.
Actually looks quite evil.

As time goes on I may filter out the excess junk and replace with solid pvp worthy blocks to take advantage of that extra armour/lagshot protection and get it to max class with no crap on board.


None of us want to go back to living in deep space :joy:

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I hope to spend all my online time in PvP except for when I am doing major repairs ^-^
Will get allies to bring me any vital supplies.
Just general empyrion stability will probably destroy my challenge anyway XD

Still gonna give it a go tho :wink:


Well. Police is always happy to trade with anyone :wink:

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Another log entry.

My large CV is now finished, class 7/ 6.60.

This vessel is now in server because I wanted to test it out now before next season.
Last night I had an opportunity to try it out in my first ever CV combat action in EGS.

As support to JVI and NUT factions who were attacking some red bases in walla space, they were met by at least 2 enemy ships.

I arrived and approached the zirax orbital station, the allies were just finishing the red bases as I approached, I had not realised the orbital station was zirax and it opened fire on me as I got near so had to back off as my rep is not good with zirax atm.

Instead i followed an allied ship after an enemy ship.

I got into a few little situations.

me and ally v 1 enemy
2 enemy v me
me and 2 ally v 2 enemy.

Also situations where 2 enemy were attacking 1 ally and i had to intervene.

My ship has done very well, was not destroyed, I did not die.

It was a lot of fun to get into this battle, has been a long time coming for me, people assumed i was a noob and had no chance at PvP simply because I made boats lol.
What a foolish community to judge a book by its cover ^-^

That being nearly a 40 year old book…
I grew up playing games like r type, colony wars, star trek invasion, ace combat, after burner, and not forgetting several years of flight simulators…

I used to host a pure hardcore pvp server for star trek bridge commander.

So yeah, the name Furious Hellfire, has a logical and valid meaning.
And now EGS will learn that meaning as my feral side has been re awakened by the spirit of HWS PvP.

Thanks all for the fun !

Firebeard JVI
Beast JVI
GoodTrip NUT

Liten RED

On a personal note, it was very satisfying to trade fire with ice :smiley:

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So next season decided to try have as small a footprint in the server as possible.
Only have what I need.
This season I had across 4 play fields…
4 bases,
4 cv
5 sv
5 hv.
roughly 18 entities at the most and technically needed none of it haha

next season will be no more than 5 permanent entities and on 1 play field.
1 very small class 1 space base.
2 CV sizes 7 and 3 PvP and a miner but starting initially with a class 1 driller.
1 ultra light warp sv class 0.18 (daily base to ecc runs)(my starter ship)
1 ultra light non warp sv class 0.18 docked to my primary CV (hate taking cv into planets)

However I might buy a HWS garage drill sv and then decide whether i prefer it over my own mining cv.

Any combat HV or SV will be spawned as needed and promptly removed afterwards.

When I look back I feel its almost an abuse of server resources to have so many things, and not even used…

I can only hope that other players will have a think about what they will use with server / playfield performance considered.