A shout out to SWP for a fine base they built!

Just wanted to give SWP props for a well defended base. Those HV Crushers were a pain and very deadly. Raven managed to take out the bases power and that silenced I don’t know maybe 250 guns. I was able to take out 3 HV’s at about 700 plasma cannon rnds(handheld), extremely tough. Another shout out to Zappe from Mad for helping in the end looking for the core. And more props to SWP for some very well hidden cores.

And Raiden I know you were digging our dogfight, had I not been greedy and jumped out to get your backpack(its a bad habit I have)things would have been different.

Well as always I love fighting SWP, today they actually had balls and stayed and fought.

But don’t worry folks we will eventually rid the Gold Federation of this SWP scum and you all will be free to mine your hearts out.

Until next time see ya on the battlefield!!!

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I won’t be going back they cried wolf for me spawning in many times and bringing a cap ship to the party

Now in jail

lol gg


Yeah that is BS because of crap rules like this I am searching for a better game to start playing. HWS you guys do a lot for the game and thats great but when we attack a base these rules are just crap !!!

Not to mention SWP suspicious placement of the core. The base can never be taken, all the stuff we cored we couldn’t take any of it because of the anti greifing crap. I would rather see OP brought back then have crap like this !!!


P/s Thranir, nice picture lol :wink: