A shoutout to the serverteam!

Greetings fellow explorers of the verse!

I, SkyHighiatrist decided to pause for a second to applaud the admins! Not only
on their stellar achievements so far but first and foremost on the effort they continue to put in “To make Empyrion Great Again!” (Pun intended).

Having been around for a while now, I see the constant mess the admins have to deal with on a daily basis, which is not limited to faulty patches, bugs, complaining community, mature people that turn immature on regular basis, HWS exclusive tool development, website/server maintenance and updates. And of course there is the occasional hell spawn on the forums with an individual being full off inconsideration and inhumane disrespect towards the team.
All the while our admins still have a life out there to live for themselves, think about that for a second!

I do not claim to know your experience to the full extend of managing HWS, but I do know
that there have been many cons around lately and I can imagine they might start outweighing the pros to keep it a worthwhile and a fun project for you.

Personally I’m giving you guys (and possibly girls, I don’t know) a big thumbs up!
I’m calling the community out to chip in and share your piece of appreciation towards the team for once!

We all know the server can use less bitching, less sidetracked discussion and a little bit more love right about now.

So share what you’re most appreciative off so far in our joint adventure and leave a comment below.
Ps… I have not been smoking, my heart works just fine without that stuff :wink:
and no, I’m no hippy


What I appreciate most is despite the large amount of time and money they have put into this, they do not see it as their “playground”. While they would obviously be entitled to do whatever they want with it, they really listen to the community and take that into consideration when making changes.

Exactly, this just shows their competence and dedication.
I don’t know how they’ve stayed cool headed so far.

This is probably for Jascha :poodle:

Yes female programmers are extremely rare, yet you can never be too sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: