A suggestion to mitigate congestion on PVE playfields

Guys, you are maybe fed up with suggestions, but a suggestion is a suggestion, takes one minute to read and if you dont like it, or you already considered it, its just one minute of your life.

So, my suggestion:
Monitor each playfield for number of cores, send warnings in chat if the number of cores reach your chosen threshold. I think this is already implemented to some degree.
Then, implement in EAH some code, if someone spawns a new core, or enters a playfield which is over threshold, just remove the new structure after some warnings.
The feedback loop with tax is just too long, and wont really solve the issue, worst case, people pay the tax and hold position, so the core count is still over threshold.

Warning, please consider stop building on XXX… 3 should move.

It is already there…

When we moved to Paragon, there where 8 cores there… EIGHT.

Today i saw the first warning, saying 3 should move… It came in normal intervals…
After a short time, the warning was already at 9 should move… So some people should really start to read the warnings… Set maxbase to 1 each faction on all pve planets… Keep 2 sv/hv/cv Set to 2/2/2 on faction as well… Or add taxes on all pve planets with more than allowed cores =D but keep pve space taxfree…

The Warnings appear now only for those entering/login in to the crowded playfield and Tax is only implemented for those going over the allowed limit.