A tad annoyed..... :)

I connected on Thursday morning to F1 and put 5 x T3 drillers out to mine. This morning I connected to the server to collect them and I only found 1 of them, 4 have disappeared. I contacted an admin, to get the reply “Sorry mate, can’t do anything for you”. What is the point of donating to a “trusted server” if it’s to receive support such as this…?

Lohen, when you contacted me I asked you if you placed you miners before wipe and lost them in the wipe and you said “yes”. To which I replied “there is not much I can do for you”

Donating, while being greatly appreciated, and being a trusted server does not mean you get your stuff replaced when you don’t heed wipe warnings.

If you’re now saying you placed them AFTER wipe, you’ve changed your story a bit and need to get that straight first.

Which was it?

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Hi hopskotch,

I’m sorry, you need to understand that I am French and my English isn’t great, and I thought that you had asked me if I had placed them after the wipe not before which is why I answered yes.

I now understand your reply :wink: No I did honestly place them on Thursday morning (having quickly recuperated everything on Wednesday morning before the wipe - which I remembered about at the last minute)

Apologies for getting annoyed…

I always mix up before and after … :smile:

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