A tale of woe, or how not to start on a new server

So after playing the game for quite a while, I decided it was time to try out the multiplayer.
A quick look around at what servers are out there and I decided HWS is going to be new home.
Off I go to this new exciting episode of my Empiriyon journey…only to discoverer, I’m running the wrong version of the game as I have been on experimental and doing bug reports etc.
Half an hour of trying to get the game to revert to stable and I decided to uninstall and reinstall as it appears to be the only way to get it to the right version.
An hour later I’m back up and running and have joined the website and the server. Go me!
Running around the intro station doing some nosing around and I manage to get myself outside without a ship or EVA booster and cant get back in (wrong faction) so I do a restart.
This time I make it to the planet. (Yeah) but after doing all the intro instructions and gathering lots of bits and bobs I still have no biofuel, so a quick shout out and I’m told about fa:supply (I missed reading that panel) so no worries thinks I. Typing fa:supply into faction and boom I have a shed load of new gear that I cant fit into my inventory as it full. D’oh!
Sod this thinks I. I obviously didn’t read all the instructions, so I’m going to restart again and make sure I read everything this time.
Get to the planet, plonk down my emergency manufacturer (or whatever it’s called), chuck all my gear in there and do another fa:supply, and discover the once a week bit and that I have just stitched myself up royally.
So this time it’s off to the mall and buy a T2 drill and some fuel packs for it, so I can get on with things. A couple of hours later I have a starting sv and just about enough fuel to get me started, so I decided to disassemble my base. Chuck everything in the sv and park it in a high orbit and then give up for the night and get some sleep.
I thought I had parked my sv just to the side of my base so I get busy disassembling the base. As I disassemble the last snow covered block my sv (which was actually just docked on the edge of said block) disappears with all my gear in it.
After quite a few hours of gameplay, I am left standing on this overgrown snowball of a planet with nothing but a single steel block and a multitool.
It was at this point I gave up and went to bed.
If you’re going to mess up the start of a game. Don’t hold back. Mess up royally. No holding back!


This is really funny and yet so frustrating and familiar. You’re not alone and am sure most of us have been in the same situation. Dont let it deter you, its a nightmare start, but look on the brightside, things can only get better … well until you get into PVP :slight_smile:

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Yeah, oops; ouch; gl with future endeavors ^.^

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dayum bro, sounds like you had a hell of a first time here! I am so sorry you had such a tough time.
If you want a little more help this time, I can help you out big faction GPF we are on discord here if you have a mic, makes communication and explanation a little easier. (helps to have friends) and I will definitely be your friend!

Wow that was a tough start! But kudos for taking the time to share with the community.

Rest assured that you will get past the early steep learning curve of the multi player server and will soon be exploring the delights of the HWS universe.

There is so much to learn about the HWS experience, but that is also what makes it soo cool!

…Do post an update when you get past the starter planet!

For me such posts are more valuable than gold.
Thank you for the report and I totally realize that forcing the start equipment with fa:supply or/and the PDA was not the best idea, since some people even skip the PDA…

It will be improved!

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Haha funny history :slight_smile: Well… beginings are always hard :slight_smile: Generally you dont need fa:supply at all but it helps a lot at the beginning. Keep in mind that there are two HWS servers and you can get supply on both of them… so in your case I would simply connect to NA server (as EU player)… use fa:supply and go to csw to travel to EU server. I think that there should be some additional guide for new players on HWS server :slight_smile:

yeah I think there should be a confirmation popup when you type fa:supply before typing cb:yes that reminds you to clear out inventory and maybe reset fa:supply automatically upon cb:reset if you have < 10 hrs played on the server would be good.

The whole coring a base causing all the docked ships to disappear is really annoying Eleon needs to fix it. Killing raptors gives seaweed randomly, which can be turned into spoiled food then biofuel I think. Also be aware if you build a base it needs to have more than 10 blocks or it will get auto deleted in a few hours. Also make sure you don’t log off in a taxed zone.