A way to improve HWS vessel class limits?

Just a thought and possible suggestion.

Is it possible for Jascha/RexXxus to be able to look up the actual vessel class as detailed in the statistics page, (so reading to one extra decimal place) rather than the rounded up value.

or even the other stats - block count etc?

This would then enable the ability to further refine/limit vessels in certain playfields - such as creating more destructible SV/HV combat etc (as demonstrated by the recent tank rush events etc)

No doubt this probably has already been considered, but just in case I thought I would ask the question…


3000 block count, all builds legal, problems solved

While i agree a fixed block limit is required to prevent the use of modified garage hv’s for super-heavy tanks and even more ridiculous sv’s i would suggest the limit should be about 4500, 3000 is simply to small.