A6: Serious Issues with the Tool

Okay, so let’s dive right in.

There are 3 people on my server who do not show up in the user list on the tool no matter what I do

The user list on the tool only seems to update every minute or so, when it used to update within a couple seconds

A bit ago, I disconnected from the server, and after 5 minutes, the tool still shows me as logged on

Right now, I’ve been disconnected from the server for over 5 minutes, and the tool still shows me logged on

Several items still from 5.5 and most items for 6.0 show as “unknown” and trigger a high cheater alert. Also, it seems any item salvaged from a POI (deco pieces seem to be the biggest offenders) triggers an “unknown item”/high alert. My survival pack contains 4 boosters (all unknown/alert triggers) and some credits, so every single player on my server is flagged as a cheater.

The tool used to be so fast and responsive, especially in regards to the user list. Now, if a6 dropped tomorrow, I would not feel confident running a server using the tool as it currently behaves.

What did you change? Why does it take 5+ minutes for the tool to register whether someone is online or not, now (it’s actually been more than 10 minutes, now, and the tool still thinks I am in game - oh, and clicking the Whos On refresh button, unchecks everyone and makes it look like NOBODY is online)? Can I add the unknown items in question to the tool manually so it stops flagging every single player on my server as a cheater? How do I get the people who are not showing up in the list no matter what I do to show up in the list?

In short, things are very, very broken right now.

I am responsible for items which I will - as told - do later. Items can still be added / changed what would trigger my whole Photoshop, etc. process again.

Experimental is also for us experimental and please don’t expect a finished product yet.

Oh no, I don’t expect a finished product. Just letting you know the issues I’m running into :slight_smile: You guys are awesome.

I forgot to mention the timetable issue:

I put my server up 3/31 and had a timetable set to run monthly on the 1st which ran immediately after putting the server up. When I looked at that entry in information, it was set to run again on 5/2, even though par2 in the timetable said 1.

I changed the Par2 to 2 and restarted the server, causing it to load the correct next run date of 4/1. After it actually ran on 4/1 like it was supposed to, I noticed the next run date was off by a day again, so I set Par2 back to 1, and it’s now set to run on 5/1 as it should…

This is fairly inconsistent behavior, and I’m not sure what happened, but I figured better to make you aware of it.

Disconnected for 20 minutes, now, and the tool still shows me connected, still doesn’t show 2 of the users connected and hasn’t populated the playfield list (center column) in over an hour.

If you need some file or another from the tool folder in order to investigate this, please let me know.

Are you using the Version made for 6.0? Or are you using the regular version?

I’m using the version made for 6.0 (1.35) and have Alpha6 chosen as the server type.

Yet another user has connected to the server and doesn’t show up in the list. Clicking the “Who’s On” button clears the check boxes from everyone, and nothing - at all - brings the new people into the list

But are you using the Alpha 6.0 version of the tool?

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I could be running the wrong one, I guess. I think I downloaded the one you’ve got highlighted, but now that you’ve pointed it out, maybe I haven’t… Does the 1.35 full also contain the alpha6 drop down?

I’ll download the other now and report back

Okay, so I guess I had the wrong version. It still feels lethargic, especially when updating the list, but everyone who should be there is, and everything is working as it should.

Thanks for pointing out my oversight.

Thanks for letting us know. We will work on 6.0 very soon. Then we will also see what problems are still in there.

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Is the source public, or perhaps privately obtainable with a N/D/A and a donation?

To extrapolate the reason for my request, the CB commands and some functionality are no doubt perfect for your custom server, but do not always apply to a vanilla, or differently styled environment.

Since Eleon supports EAH (if i got it right, Dev’s pay the tool) + all the hard work Jascha has done in the tool. I dont think he is going to make the code public. U can make your own CB commands in the tool anyway in chatbot. You just cant edit the stadard ones. But they are so standard that they fit on any server. For the rest. I use the tool a long time and i dont find any option that wont fit or work on my server.

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Thanks for the request. as Taelyn mentioned, we can’t give out the sources.
Ways how to make your own mod you can find here. Some in the community even offer to write you mods.
If you don’t like certain commands in EAH, just turn them off in the Config.