ABN building bases inside of POI Bounding Box on HW Planet

In the rules, it states “8.6 You are NOT allowed to build / spawn / fly your structures Inside of asteroids or Inside POIs and park them there (within the bounding box).

ABN has been building bases inside of the Alien Drone Base on Homeworld Planet for multiple seasons, and now that the rules have been clarified for me, I feel as though this report is necessary.

These screenshots show the current bases there, owned by ABN , along with some older screenshots as well.

I want to make sure everyone who likes digging up bases or whatnot has an equal oppurtunity to do so, without the “overlimit/Alien turrets” playing a large role in it. If someone were to add turrets to the bases, you would effectively have more than the legal allotment of turrets, giving you the advantage if you were the owner of the base. I just personally feel as though this gives an unfair advantage if you are the owner, and I want it to be taken care of and cleared up properly. Thanks for your time Rex, sorry to bother you with such a trivial matter.


Checked now and looks ok. Please use a ticket to report if anything comes up.

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