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What happened:
Cross Server Warp question

Player(s) with issue:
=> YuKarn

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 11:07


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On the EU server, I often have strong lags and would like to test the NA server.

The Cross Server Warp (CSW) documentation says:
What will NOT be transferred
Your elemental bank credits
Hws ingots

Hence the question:
If I go to the NA server, play there for a day and come back, Will My Elemental Bank credits and HWS Ingots remain on the EU server?

It would be damn sorry to lose it all :slight_smile:

You keep your EB and Ingots on EU, dont worry. If you want to take some money with you, just use eb:payout:ammount and take it in your pocket with you. On NA you can also deposit some money in your Bank for interest. This means, you can get your interest doubled when you visit both Banks on a day (or use eb:interest with EB Level 5).

Wonderful! I’m going to test the NA server.


the 1st CSW is always the scariest. be sure to only bring one ship (ships will always undock when u CSW and u will be taxed if u forget to redock) once u type the command, ur ship will vanish then u will be booted from the server. u can then safely connect to the sister server. u will be prompted to pick an origin on the 1st connect. don’t panic, it’s normal. after wandering around for a bit u will see a message that u will be warped and should be appearing near ur ship. all subsequent warps will kick u into empty space far from ur ship with no inventory. simply fly in a direction till u get the warp message again. the cb:startjobs command will warp u if u don’t have the patience to wait :wink:

some advice on CSW: always orient ur ship b4 warping, exit the cockpit, and be sure food & o2 are not near lethal levels. i have much less issues when doing this each time. also if u want to bring docked SV or HV on a CV be sure to re-enter their cockpits so they will redock before K warping to ECC. i also found it’s best to only bring private ships. the faction swap can be a bit of a pain from one server to another.

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Very valuable advice, thanks!
It would be nice to include this in the documentation for beginners.

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