About that crow I get to eat

Well, looks like apologies are in order to ABN. Sorry for the error on my part all. I clearly need to learn to read more clearly. PVE focus does not mean all PVE. I was frustrated to lose a ship, but the error was on my end.

Well, now I know, and …


Hey man, this is a great post. Takes a lot for a man to admit theyre wrong and apologize!

If you want help building a new pve ship, or even a pvp ship, feel free to pm me on discord!


No worries, nothing serious anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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we can also provide assistance where needed

All good! Believe it or not (most don’t), we don’t actually camp the vanilla warp in points. Will we sit in Homeworld a few KM away? Perhaps. Will we warp around different systems looking for new friends? Perhaps.

On a side not, camping vanilla warp in points is very boring. I tried it on the official servers… super boring.