Accidentally Hit "Fresh Start" - Maashadar

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EDIT*** In case yall REALLLLY care about me following the rules, I went back through this and edited everything to abide by your rules. I’d really appreciate some help getting back to my game - I’m level 25 and was working on ECC quests.

Some feedback for the HWS team, please consider creating a confirmation dialogue for folks when they click the “fresh start” box.

What happened:
=> Accidentally clicked 'Fresh Start"

Player(s) with issue:
=> [uRxP]Maashadar

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 0620

=> ECC main planet

Structure Name(s):
=> no sturcuture

Structure ID(s):
=> na

How can we help you now:
=> I died and tried to click “current location” respawn button. Accidentally clicked “Fresh Start”. There was no warning or confirmation dialogue, it just zapped me back to the starter tutorial. I’m requesting that I be transported off Pirate-cryo either back to where I was or to my base please.

This dont really help you now i guess but maybe next time it will, when you next time are at your base type in cb:sethome:id (id of your base) and that makes your base a spawn point. Now when you die in a place of no recover or accidently click fresh start or what ever just type in cb:gohome and poof, you are warped to your home. Remember to do it under 2 minutes after respawn or you need to kill your self again to make it work.

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sadly that is a game feature. So if you want it changed you could write a feedback in the Empyrion forum.

I warped you back to your base

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Thanks! I will post this as feed back for Empyrion. Much appreciated.

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