Account remaining online despite being logged off

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What happened: I’m listed as online despite being offline. (This is also revoking my faction’s very important offline-protection which is why i’m treating this so urgently.)
Player(s) with issue: Wiseman738
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Log off at: 10:20ish. Strange dupe account remaining up as-of this moment.
Playfield: Kratos
Structure Name(s): Not Applicable
Structure ID(s): Not Applicable
How can we help you now: Reset connection data of account. (whilst i’m offline. Today as of 8/01/2018 I’ll be offline between 8AM-4PM)

i can confirm the OP was indeed off on gmc base, noticed this arround 05:02 EU time

Also it seems the issue may be centering around Kratos according to @Juggoire as two other affected players are also on Kratos.

Whilst I have moved myself over to GMC alliance space the player-board (b menu) for me still says i’m on Kratos. So it certainly seems to be some sort of Kratos-related issue.

Aeonbug and Swisssteel are the other players.

Jug saw player list showing me in game on kratos last night (0 ping). However, I was logged out and playing wows.

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