Admin Abuse (Why We Quit)

I wanted to clarify something concerning why my group of players have quite the server.

My friend Prime has put over 150+ hours of time into this server. As a result, his large CV had accumulated a large amount of resources. Thus he has great concern for the safety of said CV. Since offline protection is a known issue we would normally look for safe havens to leave our vessels while not online. Last night, Prime was speaking about this to Rexxxus. Rexxxus specifically told Prime that offline protection was in fact fully working and Prime would be perfectly safe leaving his CV on a PVP world when offline. “Coincidentally”, as soon as Prime logged off his CV was attacked and looted. When Prime came online he pointed this out to Rexxxus, Rexxxus offered to recover the CV for Prime but refused to return any of the lost SV’s or resources. Had this loss been the result of Primes actions alone I would side with Rexxxus, however, this loss is a direct result of Rexxxus action as admin. It is my opinion that Rexxxus was in full knowledge of OP not working when he spoke to Prime and that this was told to Prime specifically so Prime would leave himself vulnerable. I will admit we have made no friends on this server, we have chosen to function as a lawless group and that is fine with us. I also admin that we have had a bit of a learning curve with the rules, however all violations have been met with our best efforts to come within compliance. Having said that, the conduct of Rexxxus in this incident is unacceptable. As such, we have chosen to find another server on which to play.

To clarify this hate and false accusation of admin abuse again:

  1. Prime played 92 hours on HWS NA:

  2. In all of my observations I saw that OP is working as intended. As long as you have set your stuff to faction and powered your station / CV. If there is an exploit of the OP then report it to me or the devs. I am no dev so I can only say what I experienced. Insulting me that I knew it and gave wrong facts is bullshit. You have to take care of bugs and I said Prime that that was my experience.

  3. Broxa gave the ship back what is already more than friendly. I gave Prime 999 large fuel packs what is more than friendly. It was a bug but in first place his fault. He could still park it far away in space or in Elemental Marketplace / Peacekeeper 1 (block count 10k limit). We giving people more than enough back if they have a connection lost or another hard bug. If he can’t handle PvP then it is his fault.

  4. His behavior was completley childish and not appropiated. He CAPS locked all the time, spammed, insulted and just raged. If he would asked me friendly at least I would have thought about it twice. So that alone is against the rules what handled him a 2 days ban.

So I am sorry that you leave the server because of one guy not thought about his actions.
Again I am no developer of this game and I give tips as good as possible. I would never promise false facts.
We managing two servers in a full time job so we can’t play this game by ourself. If he would react friendly against me I would have helped him in a better way.
But I am no dog he can shout at and insult like he wants.


ok, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that your actions were not malicious. However, you say that Prime should accept this as part of PVP. Had this happened while Prime was online this discussion would not be happening. The only reason he left his ship where he did was because of what you told him. Thus his loss is completely your responsibility. Regardless of his reaction, this alone should have given you reason to replace all that was lost. The fact that you allow emotions to cloud your judgement tells me you are not fit as an admin. I will admit that my friend is a bit hot headed, but under the circumstances I can understand his anger even if I do not agree with his reaction.

If that were the case (like it happened to someone else) I would give him all the stuff back (in case he would ask friendlier).

But I told him that from my experience it is save. I didn’t tell him that he should park his ship with ALL of his stuff where everybody can see it as a test. Only to proof that I am wrong in case it bugged.

I am the server owner not the game developer who knows every detail and every exploit. I don’t know how Broxa was able to do it and I don’t know how Prime used his OP in the 92 playhours before. But I know that there is something strange and I will investigate in this case.

I don’t cloud anything. If I am wrong then I take the responsibility for it. But I am a human and if someone insulting me and react like this I point him to the rules.

Hot headed or not with that attitude he can go somewhere else.

STA has recovered the ship, repaired it and and currently storing it in a safe location, should prime return. I also still have the contents of his backpack, when he was victim of another game glitch (the moment he left planet into orbit, his character teleported to an STA outpost very far in deep space, and got instantly killed by automated defenses).

Best of luck to those leaving

While this does really suck I wouldn’t consider any feature to be 100% operable in a Alpha state, doubly so in a game with modded components like HWS. I can understand why he’s pissed, and how you think it’s Rexxus’s fault for false advice, but he’s not a magician who knows every exploit and hack in the game. He’s definitely admitted that someone did do something out of the ordinary, and even taken fault for the false advice (tbh he shouldn’t even bother trying to guess, no offense). I honestly doubt you’ll find a server with as many people and as helpful with admins as Rex. I know I haven’t seen any. That said, we all have lost shit due to exploits at some point in the game, even on HWS which is supposedly “hack free”. It’s alpha, and honestly you’re gonna lose a lot of stuff down the road, especially playing as Pirate, but moreso from just shitty situations like this. I wish you luck in finding a server, but honestly I doubt you’ll find a server with no OP hacks or admins who will hand out free CVs that you lost.

I can confirm that offline protection is either broken or exploitable. I lost a base on Earth a couple of weeks ago that was running offline protection. Also, though not applicable in my situation, I believe that power is NOT required for offline protection to work.

As for Prime’s specific case, a couple specific possibilities come to mind:

  1. Were ALL faction members offline?
  2. Does offline protection work properly if the faction is set or changed after installing the OP module? I know Prime was alternating his faction and the faction of some of his ships during the time in question.
  3. Is offline protection not activating at times after server restarts?

This is in no way a defense of Prime. Given his behavior and contempt for server rules, I think the server is better off without him.

All this crying, i have had my entire fleet in pvp space for weeks without any offline protection, you gotta be smart and not land it on an freaking planet, who does that with an cv anyways, its 100% it will get raided.

Im affraid to go into this terrible more than bugged game so im reading whats “new” here on forum.

Im pissed of from what i read. Firstly i dont see any motif Rexx could have to damage some player intentionaly. But thats what i want to talk about.

Guys you should realize one thing. Nearly all the problems you experience is not becouse of admins but becouse of Eleon. Of course game developing is hard and im not going into what i think about Eleon skills or their concept and about them thinking how stuff will work before they go and start coding as i would have a seizure probably.

But Empyrion official forum is spamed by 10 Singleplayer players who are literaly masturbating there. I never saw any complain from any of you who complains here or in game. Noone ever asked Eleon if they are serious about what they do, about adding new stuff while noone can even be sure about OP working.

I never saw a complain there about their netcode, about the lag even 1 CV and SV flying through playfield causes but i see many acusation of SWP have hidden nonfiring weapons in ships to create lags. I was accused of my SV (by eleon lvl 2 in devices count) causing lag.

So please write about your multiplayer PvP experiences to devs too, as admins here are making absolutly insane job with adding features in game for you which Eleon wont be adding in long future if ever and if they add it there will be about 20 more patches to fix it to state when it be finaly broken for good.

At least you will see how does the forum with 10 masturbating singleplayer pumkin collectors is looking…feedback good maybe for joining their masturbation ego company too.

I’ve seen this as well. All the advice and complaints the devs seem to handle first are mostly single player stuff. I mean for fuck sake, can you imagine how much stuff we as a server (or any server) could have done by now, with something as simple as faction alliances? We could team up to raid PVE bases much easier, we could form fleets, PVP (while still being shit) could be done in teams, hell we could even make a taxi service with the passenger seats if we felt like it.

Or even something as simple as member permissions, so you can keep ores or important stuff away from everyday members. Just something as simple as that would allow us all to recruit and create a bigger community.

But no fuck that, lets add some stupid generators that bug the game out for 3 days and cause everyone to lose their CV’s. BRILLIANT PLAN.

Fully agree Duke. We are not the ones to decide about how they should develop their game but for god sake we should at least get our crumbs time to time. factions, turret behaviour, at least basic balance sense like BA has longest or at least same range as CV, so much stuff that isnt hard to make and will make our lives so much easier.

Btw i tried single recently on hardest…I still wasnt even somehow attacked by drones, maybe because i dont follow tutorial steps. I havent mined singe think, i just rushed to crashed middlepart…seems same like 10 patchest back…and multiplayer is still same pain. But lets not be offtopic.

Hi All,

First I would like to apologize for the long delay in posting this reply. Hopefully the addition of newborn twins to my family will be sufficient for your understanding :slight_smile:.

I would like to take this time to apologize to all for my prior posts. I realize now that my faith in my friend was misplaced. I operated under the assumption that what he told me was truthful and I now realize that is not the case. In hindsight I should have been more critical. I am planning on rejoining the server and hope to be a positive member of the community.


Gratulations to your new Family members and welcome back!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and congratulations to the family additions! Now get them in an SV and get them mining!!! :smiling_imp:

Thanks, and they’re minors not miners lol :slight_smile:

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