Admin Help please - dedicated dc and spawn in base

I warped to Pluto orbit and hat dedicated dc. After reconnect I was in an nmy base in orbit and went offline.
Please set me back to position after warp. In game name is relax

This is a warp bug friend. It happens. If an admin sees this in time, they may be able to help, but in the future I recommend keeping stashes of fuel, pentaxid, and a warp sled in your factory ready to spawn. This has happened to me about half a dozen times. If you are prepared for it, you can recover in a few minutes before someone finds your ship on the warp in zone

Got all this but the base will kill me if I Spawn anything and I don’t want to lose my inventory stuff… Admin help would be great

Ya unfortunately if it is the bug where your ship goes invisible after a playfield transition, you have a choice here, take the death and respawn at medbay/home on the cv to get back to it and moving again, and lose the pack; or you can wait for an admin to move your person, but someone may find your ship in pvp space on the warpin before that. So it depends on which is more valuable to you. Your pack, or your cv

Oh and it is HWS EU PVP

Any help by an Admin would be great… Just want to Spawn somewhere different so I can Spawn my cv

Back at home.

Since I don’t know where you were before I warped you to Zion now.

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RexXus you are the best thank you so much

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