Admins - I would like to hear your say on this Screen record I took

So - After a few days of PvP’ing, I have kind of had enough along with other members of having to go through this sort of stuff - It does break the game…

OP Towers Surrounding bases for a start - Now I’m not a carebear, Towers do add a nice twist to the game especially for defense - But when 16gb ram and an i7 doesn’t load them in and they are shooting you like crazy - You have to admit there is too many on the playfield - Not only that but the Faction -L- seem to have just come about and they have all these towers around RED’s Base area too… I mean that definitely doesn’t smell right… SWP - well what can I say… You can see in my video within a few hundred meters of each other there are like 8-10 OP towers - This is ridiculous - Especially as they are all over GG Playfield - You cannot break an OP Tower - But it can drop you within seconds if your ship cant get out quick enough… I know - Lets spring up 100 tomorrow night all over the place and just log off for 2 days - That way NO-ONE can destroy them and NO-ONE can enter the playfield without being destroyed because they have OP and never run out of ammo - Sorted :slight_smile:

Also what is it with them hitting you from 6-700m out, I cant get anywhere near that and this is on a planet… - This needs to be nerfed if ANYONE is going to stand a chance here…

Whats with the missiles being shot at me… Wait lets go have a look - There is LITERALLY nothing there but missiles are being shot from a few pixels in the air at me - Again way out of range to start with, But again there is Nothing there - And you cant blame Lag or desync - As for a change it was good ( I can upload the whole 40minute video if you like)

And oh Hold on that RED member just went through an OP shield and didn’t die… I go to go through a friendly OP Shield and I died almost Instantly (Again I can upload that if you like) - I mean what is that mate - I call hax or something :slight_smile:

I get the games in Alpha - I love Alpha games even with all the bugs, as frustrating it is - But this, this is not right - No one has a defense for OP in its current state, and being abused like this in its current state… Seriously though that is really suspicous how he went through the shield and didn’t die :confused:

So Please @RexXxuS @DeeExpus - I know you are both busy with stuff, and sorting the server for everyone (You are doing a good job btw) But watch the video and make your own mind up - These OP Towers are way out of hand - It is killing PvP - I mean what PvP is there if you cant at least blow up whatevers shooting you… And the abuse and cut corners other members are taking to protect their virtual little items is terrible…

Heres the video link -

Enjoy (Apologies for the black bits - I just couldn’t be bothered to edit it properly)



So sad that the only way some people can win is to cheat. I would love to see the rule breaking parties banned from the server as private bases were deemed against rules as of last week. I am sure Rex will get back to you with this at some point. Just sad that people can not play the game fair.

Hello @_F.E.A.R_Ragnar

First: thank you very much for your video! It helps a lot!

I watched your video and your sections there:

First section: a lot of towers. Yep, Golden Globe is very contested and be careful.

Second section: you just entered the planet. With more than 170 structures on it with heavy BA classes you can see like in minute 1:04 that bases are rendered slowly step by step. Turrets however initialize the fire before the base even got rendered. Not cool, I know but that is how it works at the moment. I don’t have a 360° rotation around you vision at minute 1:07 but I think the Alien Base below you at 0:59 shot with the Alien Sentry Guns.

Third section: I think this is regarding a player flies through a blue shield I guess. I THINK he flew through it at 3:23 but I’m not sure if just strived. It is very close though.
The reason he isn’t dying is probably because the shield is from an alliance member. Not tested it yet.

Fourth section: that is the sadest I think and for me also one of the most frustrated ones but it is a game bug and no cheat or whatever. You can do it yourself by fighting against others in your SV for very long and get your SV guns damaged / lost. At the coordinates your lost your SV gun the game is shooting still from that location. The server does not get properly synced between SV gun lost and what the SV actually still has built-in.

And the whole OP / Anti Grief topic is already very hot discussed and sad, I know. Everyone tries to circumvent it at the moment as good as they can. Some more some less bending the rules with that.
If I get screenshots of private OP bases I destroy them already instant.
The rest sadly needs Eleon intervention.

However next week a Golden Globe change is coming to help the situation from the HWS perspective at least.


You will die to allied OP bubble.

The only way to circumnavigate death by OP is through some unbeknownst to me exploit.

But OP wont insta kill you? I never died to OP and i made it through few times accidentaly. Thing on GG is that what you see on your monitor has rarly something in common with whats happening in game in real.

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Hi @RexXxuS

Thank you for the time to reply and break it down in sections - It shows you did watch the video :slight_smile:.

There are too many towers - Myself and alot of others have agreed GG is a no go now unless neccessary - It just seems a shame that this cant just be wiped and limits set, However I do see it from both sides in a rhetoric twisted sense :wink:

170 Structures - Wow - No wonder there is Lag :slight_smile: - As for the turrets initialization - I guess if that is the game mechanics - There is not alot you can do to change that, So I won’t mention it again - But that range :confused: :slight_smile:

I can confirm that you do die within a mere second or two of going into an allied faction OP - After I saw this player do this - I retreated to GMC HQ and went to pass through their OP thinking it was safe - Noooo - Suffocation it was - Loot gone it was :slight_smile:

Thank you also for clearing up on the game bug in regards to the weapon fire coming from the sky - My hours on Empyrion are about 2 hrs more than I have been playing on your server (Brief Tutorial run through first) - So Bugs like this I was not aware of, and I’m sure there will be a few more :slight_smile:.

I understand that you are happy to Nuclear splat the private towers on GG with just a screenshot - The issue there is getting close enough to be able to prove it is a private tower - When they are all grouped like they are - you often find the private ones in the middle of it all - For this reason - But it is still good to know that if we find proof you will act upon it.

Did you mean Alien Intervention - I.e No one has a clue how to change so the aliens need to help :slight_smile: - Actually I’ve heard people use the word Eleon here but I have no idea who or what it is…

I await the changes eagerly :slight_smile:

Thanks again