ADMINS - Please give us back armageddon like planet

Please so we can fight and build and try to have fun without being off live raided every night.

I think most pvp factions would like it.

Gold planet was a great idea but CSW destroyed it. So now nothing happends anywhere. Theer isnt 1 base in the hole of pvp universe.


Agree 100% Armageddon was amazeballs

Can you explain what armageddon was in comparision to golden globe now? I wasnt there and have no idea how it was. I just noticed that golden globe is mostly dead now…

If you watch closely I prepared the step at least with implementing the old restart times again. So PvP can be made possible from 5PM till 11PM.

However the problem with Armageddon was that Gold was available during PvE times. This caused a lot of problems.
So Golden Globe would be out.
I am thinking of Homeworld Planet.

But the forced meteorite spawning can’t be changed timely as we wish in combination with restarts.
I mean… technically… somehow this is possible. But a heck of either manual work or hardcore coding skills by Jascha (yaml crawling).

So I am more thinking of implementing Stargates on the planet to also fight for. A Stargate to another Gold Rush planet but PvP with a short cooldown. Even if Homeworld is PvE you still have to fight for Gold.
(the stargate on the Gold Rush planet will be of course protected, preventing campers, etc. etc.)

Btw. community contributions to such a Stargate Exit / Entry POI is always welcome.


Thats sound wonderful and alot of fun.

Just keep us posted if we can do anything.

Im not sure if this is posible so you have to tell me Rexxxxus.

1: Make deposits instead of meteorites. Refill them at restart.
2: Can you make ground respawn every day ? And still keep structures?

In that case gold should be there over pvp period.

So PvP can be made possible from 6PM till 12PM. I have been saying this for days. Cannot wait

At the current game state, I do not think that deposits can regenerate without a playfeild wipe



For PVP-lovers, having a high-loot high-activity area is paradise. Being able to restrict access to only peak-hours is the perfect way to implement that, imo.

If you’re the ones in control of the area defending it from attackers, the choke point is always the easiest place to defend. In this case both sides of the portal are the choke points. First question: if both sides of the choke point are in unrestricted PVP territory, is that exactly how it should be or does that make it too easy for the defenders? I’d argue it’s perhaps hard to know for sure without testing it.

What are the other options though? The entrance portal could be put in an PVE zone. In terms of game mechanics, what else?

If the mechanics/tools can’t help us we could have rules against camping either side.

The exit portal inside the instance, that could be in space above the planet in a PVE zone, with the planet PVP. The problem with that is people flying up to orbit to escape battle, but you could have rules against that. Very easy to record video evidence of people breaking that rule.

Can you control the size of the no-build zone around the portal? Could make that pretty large. But doesn’t stop people camping in vehicles without rules against it.

I’m assuming there isn’t a mechanic for you/your structures being invulnerable for X amount of time after coming through the portal.

If the exit-portal in the instance is in a PVP area, you could make it inside a public building with hangar doors. Give people a chance to spawn their vehicles and fly out at speed, with instructions not to camp the building.

Ohhhhh wait I have a great™ idea. Please can we use this as an opportunity to test out Class 1 SV/HV restrictions? :smiley:

I think the idea is that the instance would wipe every day? Maybe I’m misunderstanding though.

Well you could just make ground wipe before pvp period start It should also be a bit longer so pvp ppl have time to mine stuff during pvp period. Also there shouldn’t be too much gold so it will not get stolen during pve. Space around should be perma pvp as well. Taxed ofcourse.

Only thing I ask about an Arma planet is no gold during the PvE rotation. All other resources would be cool along with pois though.

I grow tired of flying around shooting gold meteorites.

If you where able to enter portals with vehicles then camping wouldn’t be a problem at all, walking in on foot with 16 turrets aiming at your face shooting before you load is a different story :stuck_out_tongue: so yea some type of anti pvp zone around portals would be the best option but don’t think that’s possible (yet)

Well vehicles Portals are planned in the near future at least…

Well creativity never has an end :wink:

  1. I can create random warp exit points. Setting up for example 10 exit portals nobody knows where some one comes out
  2. as soon as you leave the portal a timer starts. Let’s say you have 30 seconds to leave the entry room. If you try to camp there Alien sentry guns start to shoot at you
  3. some PUBG gameplay. Portal up in the sky. Always spawnable parachute SV and fight :wink:

And pleas no admin cored bases or bunkers. There should be no safe hiding spots during a gold rush.

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LOL that would be interesting as hell, but random locations sounds great!