Admins & SWP this is not fairplay!

In a saturday 4 night from the 01:00 AM since the 6:50 AM me and my faction friend DanieleCalifano
we performed a raid aganinst a strong SWP multi base with over 40 turrets.
In this raid we spent weapons, resources, time, and deaths

Next day sunday 5, at the 11:16 AM the player A.F.T. of SWP faction opened a topic, just write 2 words “AMMO DRAIN” and pasted a part of the Intruder Log

The Ammo Drain should be the violation by wich someone abuse of F5 Drone since get the empty of an enemy ammobox.

the admin RexXxus after 3 minutes at the 11:19 AM, without ask anything at me, without take a look at game registry, without ask real violation proof;
He put my faction friend Danielecalifano in prison planet, and closed the accuse topic so we can’t say anything in our defense.

Intruder log can’t prove Ammo Drain violation, the only way is to look at the “Admin Game Registry” and check if the ammobox where empty or full when the turrets were destroyed.

We used the F5 drone only in nightime for to know by where enemy turrets fire comes.
SWP are strong and rich is a hopeless strategy to wait for the empty of their ammobox.

We do not committed that kind of violation, we DESTROYED all SWP turret (or core or tanks), and while moving in we found a lot of ammobox full.

I know that all this can be a pure misanderstanding but the timing and the difference of severity, leaves me disconcerted;
The 13th of january i was victim of Mpa3oTa SWP violation of “Camping In Warp Entrance Area” and "Exploiting bug of my missing warp"
i was minimally refunded with 999 resources par type but, nothing punishment was applyed.
I do not want punishments, I do not like polemics, I even writed a private message to admins before write here to avoid polemics,
but we are in 2, time passes, we lost all sunday gaming, and we can’t suffer this injustice in silence.

My Empyrion steam gametime is 1010 hours (260 in this server), me and my factionfriend daniele we have a full fair gamestyle we ask the same fairplay.

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thanks for writing us.

I guess you mean this: ITP Ammo drain

Well Ammo drain is against our rules. He died nearly 100 times in 2.5 hours. Thats Ammo draining.
The rule on ammo draining is clear and needs no further investigation for us.

If you feel its not justified you can always talk to us. But then please explain why this was no ammo draining.


Hey Celden,

sorry lot of work in real life.

To explain it here again: I didn’t just close the topic but saw a huge amount of deaths by your friend. “Spawn nearest location” is not what you are looking for in that situation. See here:

We do not refund anything but just set a sign for ammo drainers by putting them in prison.

Our logs are a reflection what happened. If you say it isn’t right and your friend tried to legally capture the base then show us a video please.

Remember if you die that often there is no excuse to “claim my backpack”. Nothing in the world can be so important in your backpack that you drain the ammo of others and spawn instead fresh or at your Home / Medbay.


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The high number of death is caused by 2 problems we had:

01 (ONE): at the middle of our work we destroyed a core of a SWP base then my faction friend was killed by a turret, he click “Medic Station / Clone Chamber”; and he was victim of a bug: he respawned in the middle of a SWP base with no core.
Empyrion programmers should fix this bug: clone chambers in strucrutre with no-core should not accept any respawn.
You can imagine how many dies we get to came out that situation.

02 (TWO): at the 4:00 AM we was killed a lot of time by a structure that had 12 turret under the ground (cannon bullets) and we can not find the provenience of this fire.

Anyway your reasoning looking the number of deaths had some problem.
You know that an ammobox of bullet 30mmm can contain 70x750 = 52.500 bullets. Any player wants to keep his death number low, so you sentenced Daniele cause you guess that he exchanged 100 deaths for drain 100 bullets at a Base SWP with 40 turrets?
I know him, he is not suffering of any self-defeating-pathology and he is not (not yet) having symptoms of schizophrenia.

Dear Admins please in this, and in any furthers cases of Ammo Draining Imputation, abort the logic by looking the number of death, cause in respect of any elementary intelligence, the abuse of F5 drone should be the first check for imputation! not the number of deaths!

And i repeat again, none of SWP turret run out of bullets before get destroyed so, in this case any type of Ammo Draining Imputation falls down.

If you stuck on enemy base - use fresh start. It is ammo drain and base rape. If you balls do not have power even Soschi cannot help you.

If you wanna fight go and fight - dont disconnect every time.

Ammo Draining doesnt mean that you sucessfully took away all the ammo. It means that you risked absolutely nothing, and used some, ANY of their ammo by exploiting the “spawn near death” option. It is a rule not because ammo is rare, or you are likely to run out a full box of ammo, but rather because it provides a toxic element to the server, where someone will rage and just hit the button all day, for example 100 times in two and a half hours, because they died. If you find yourself hitting that button 5 times, I can tell with absolute certainty the sixth time will not change. Because you have no chance of destroying or evading the turret that killed you previously and spawned anyways, you are wasting the turret’s ammo. That is the only thing that can come of this action.

Once. You should only die once to that. If at all. If he spawned inside the structure that was decored, what killed him? did he suicide and respawn hoping to spawn outside? This isnt an excuse, its poor planning. You need to have a home set, one that allows you to get out of situations like that.

Furthermore, I do a fair amount of base assault and defense. If you are dying that many times in that short of a period, you need to find another strategy. That is 100 times in 150 minutes. Or 1 death every 90 seconds. That is not even enough time to get gear and attack logically. That is just spawning over and over and hoping for the best.

If i read this i know that my violation is realized only if i get the end of enemy ammo.

: 4. HWS Rules - Nr. 1 - Bugs & Exploits:

Now you are talking about a new rule.
Ammo Drain should be one rule, Over Respawn should be another one
I read a long time ago about ammo draining and i always conected it to the empty ammobox event.

If i fall in game bug, i do not accept to be forced to respawn in starter planet and spent time to get a warp ready, In that situation my frist problem can not be the infinite bullets of my enemies.

I have some questions again:
Why you set in prison Daniele and not even me if i done the same actions, same movements and same situation of Daniele?.. Admin follow the rules put in prison even me.
How long we will be in prison?
If i we do reset we exit from prison?

better leave pirates and play far away from SWP they are covered by admins,
they can wait you camping in entrance warp, they can hide 12 turrets underground, they can put CPU 20 tyles underground… none punish them, they are untouchble
but if you waste them 100 bullets (comes from that 12 turrets underground) you go in prison.

Lol. Didnt expect such topic, after ammo-draining in offline-base raid.

If I was moder - I’ll drop u in prison and withdraw some credits for such actions.

@RexXxuS - Btw, could we change some moments in RP-system?
For Example:
in first 10 deaths per hour, we lost 1 rp per death.
in second 10 deaths (11-20), we lost 2 rp per death
in third 10 deaths (21-30), we lost 3 rp per death
and so on.
If we had pause in hour, counter canceled, and starts from beggining.
And when we reach 0 rp - we could respawn ONLY in Fresh start???

This gonna solve a lot of problems, with Ammo-drainers. Bc I could understand 5-10 deaths. But NOT over 100++++. And thats all in offline-raid…

Sorry to hear - but this is how alpha games work and we take care of it.

Because he overdid it.

Till evening today

If you escape from prison with spawn to medbay you will be banned. Escpaing from prison is never a good idea.

I would be careful with such accusations - blindless without proofs and wrong in first place.

We can’t influence the game mechanic in this way.
We only can warp you away by our own if you die in X minutes. But these hardcoded time values are not 100% safe. Some fools can die due spiders 100 times in 5 minutes too…

RP isn’t the problem because of our cumulative credit loss formula. People who dying so often have over million of depts and 0 RP anyways.

There will be a different features for Bounty Hunters soon.

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forgot about this :joy:

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