After 3.1 player CORRUPT?!

Everyone who is “corrupt” -> can’t change weapons, can’t die, etc.

  1. First type: cb:heal -> relog (10 seconds wait)
  2. write in the comments who is affected by this. There is a workaround I found out

Im affected by this bug :frowning:

I tried to help you Brane but you went afk I guess. Will continue as soon as I meet you online.

Looks like im also affected. i can breath on Deimos without a helmet and i can fly around with my jetpack. im also missing my CV and my SV.

Im going to stay away form the game for a few hours. maybe someone will have a fix

that last small update seems to have given me back character control.

My ships however are gone. Can someone look into that for me please?


I’m having this problem too.
I deleted the cache, even reinstalled the game.
Now I can’t even login again. I can get on EU though np
I don’t mind starting over, but I have a Big Base, CV and SV in the faction.

I just did the 3.1.0 patch too and can’t get on.
I’ll just start filling up my EU ocd, I’m waiting for csw to move their anyway.

Found my ship after. it was floating upside down a couple of hundred meters above me.

Not sure if it dropped on its own or i had admin help. Thanks if you did