Again the accusations?

We are accused in the Camp.
I jumped from spot 90 + km from the pirate world.
Faction prosecutors:Red Army Pirates [RAP]
My ship:Leprikon
I ask the administration to check the logs and punish defamation. I get tired of vain charges.
The time on the server in the screenshot (5 minutes after the fight)

If its ingame chat like this just ignore, i know its difficult not to bite but just remember we will never take action unless evidence is given. If someone reports a false crime on the forum (HWS Police - Crime reports) and we check the logs to see it is completely untrue they will get consequences for doing so.

Just ignore and laugh and put it down to daily ‘Crying’ that happens all too much :wink:

Like 666 said ‘It is anyway good if you make note to the admins about this.’

No crime report, no action :slight_smile:

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