Alfonzfred's MOST EXCELLENT Spawning Pad Adventure

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My PAD like TOTALLY disappeared from Peace keeper East…
Player(s) with issue: Your MAIN DUDE BRO! Alfonzfred!
Server: North America Man…
Time (cb:time): Time is like… just an ever flowing river man…
Playfield: Peaaaaace Keeeeeper Bro
Structure Name(s): CV Spawnpad L -Totally missed the opportunity for a KILLER name :frowning:
Structure ID(s): 1028304
How can we help you now: It would be MOST EXCELLENT if you could like… restore my missing spawner bro… How could I like, ever repay you and junk???

Ok, ill take a look

Ok, all done … and junk. :slight_smile:

But, it disappeared again… why??? WHY?? xD

I see it. You have 0 devices on that Pad.
You need to have at least 10 devices otherwise the game will automatically wipe it after a few hours.

So when you get online contact one of us and we spawn it. Then you have to put some devices on it.

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