Alien Asylum bug?

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What happened:
=> Was running the Alien Asylum with Shojis and Syrass the F1 command would not activate the mission start it was grayed out. Timer had expired. It worked for Shojis however. Once we exited the mission (ran out of time) the mission was grayed out for Shojis as well and we are all unable to activate the mission.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Bloomsfield, Shojis, Syrass

=> NA server

Time (cb:time):
=> around 0900

=> Ecc mission Alien Asylum

Structure Name(s):
=> Alien Asylum

Structure ID(s):
=> u/k

How can we help you now:
=> just wanted to let you know it may have something to do with recent update. The mission is a good one and very hard we are working on finishing it.
thank you

Hello @Bloomsfield

can you attach a screenshot of your Alien Asylum F1 PDA window please?

I experienced also that sometimes the auto activate function does not work. You have to manually press the button to activate that chapter.

Gonna add to this. You can not hit the activate button, it is greyed out. And this isn’t just for Asylum, I didn’t get triggers nor able to activate on combat facility, or alienship mission. At this point thinking it’s a PDA issue?

Even going into the missions didn’t prompt the quest or allow me to manually activate it.

Same here: please provide a screenshot. This does not sound correct.
Unfortunately I have almost no tools to debug PDA stuff in MP.
Will change in Alpha 10 a lot…

Hi Rex here is the screenshot it seems that the mission is just stuck on complete?

well the Homeworld Planets HQ Mission is active now. Of course Alien Asylum is inactive then :wink:

Once you are IN the Alien Asylum mission, try to click on the “Alien Asylum” header there and activate it.

That should show what the issue is.

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Perfect. Thanks for recording it @Shojis !!!

Never saw this and it’s very bad :frowning:
Unfortunately I can’t fix it during a season.

There is only one way but for that everyone with that issue has to contact me via PM.
Quite time consuming.

Np, just a heads up it does seem to be happening for more missions then just Asylum.

And if it’s time consuming don’t worry bout resetting mine, just squash the bug for next season :slight_smile:

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