Alien Asylum upgrade

======= feedback mission update =======

What happened:
=> Monsters opening doors made for a constant swarm from all sides.
having my teammate die means i have to go back to pick them up.
because you can not destroy all spawners and no armour left +
shotgun zirag = death. Then after stage I it is no longer possible to go
and pick them up because the jump up is to high in heavy armour.
and your timer wont allow it even if you could. i suggest adding in a armour repair combo
to give a player player that died a small chance to get back to his/her/… team and/or making all spawner destructible.

this was a insane fun and hard mission for 2 players. now you NEED 3 or 4 players.
With allot of factions having only 2 players and not being allowed to take faction allies
will decrease the number of players able to enjoy this mission.

if the mission was to easy for 4 players i would like to suggest you add the old mission with a 3 player or 2 player limit. and if possible link them to the same pda mission.

thanks for taking the time reading this.
kind regards,

TLDR: I will miss the old alien asylum mission allot.

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Thanks for your feedback about the little rework I made yesterday @pentex


  • retextured and recolored the POI
  • reordered the PDA Mission so it gets a new internal ID
  • added some blocks at important places
  • added some hidden loot containers + custom manual loot
  • updated some NPC spawner with new NPCs. (less total horrors and more Ripper Dogs, Rocket / Sniper Zirax)
  • activated for every door except the first stage, that NPC can open them

The last change is probably the biggest one with big impact.
It’s hard for sure now on certain locations and that you need 3-4 players is also intentional, even though I see some can still Solo run it. It’s rather a very skill based Mission now.

Alien Asylum was always kind of a benchmark mission for me to balance the difficulty.
I will observe this Mission with the current change, because more Mission can benefit from NPCs who open the doors.

The main reason for this change is of course the incredible stupid AI in this game and how easy you can kill everything by sideways shooting through doors on enemy foots for example.

Adding a Repair Station is a good idea I will do in some minutes.
And to have the Alien Asylum in 2 versions sounds interesting too.

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