Alien Container Question

I had gotten a couple of alien containers and didn’t know what they for, so I put them in my ship. Now that I know you’re supposed to carry it I tried to disassemble on and it converted to a regular cargo box block. Is that normal or is there another way to get one back. I still have one sitting in the ship. TIA.

Yip once you place them they are lost unfortunately.

Can you farm these anywhere to get RP? It seems like you only get the couple for doing the PDA missions in the beginning and that’s it. You don’t see anymore the rest of the season.

Do what I do buy them from other factions who don’t need them. If you’re lawless for example they don’t need the grey freelancer ones and they’re just sitting with them idle, so they sell it for resources or gold. That’s one way

You can also find them in POIs but not the ez ones you need to go to hardcore ones

can you put them on the market or do they convert to regular cargo boxes there too?

yes you can put them on market - im selling a grey one now - buying red ones.

In previous versions you could put them onto the market but they wouldnt show up but for you. I beleive you’re supposed to put them on the black market