Alien Core and Xeno Block noob questions?

Please dont kill be, but what is the benefit of an alien core and why do i need one ?

Another noob question : Why are there that high prices for xeno blocks ? They have just 1500 HP while combat steel has 2000 HP. Do i miss something ?

Alien core means basically never having to fill fuel or oxygen.

Xeno blocks have slightly less HP than combat steel but they are much lighter.

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well i just took the core out of my base and placed the alien one. So now I dont have a regular core, just mats, and I placed the alien one and my base is no longer mine. . . so . . . still not understanding I guess the point. Now I have to figure out how to make a regular core without my base. . .

Ok figured it out. You use a donator command, (in the normal HWS commands section), to set the id of your structure back to your faction. You do not need to be a donator to do this.

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