Alien Core weirdness

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What happened: I was on Stella Morti, working on my CV, I was deleting a couple of panels to access an area, the server glitchd/lagged for a moment. My alien core was deleted. Even though I had my multi tool on the setting to get the object back, the core went bye bye. So, Im HOPING I can get one back, I have a normal core in it now and had been saving it specifically for this ship… Hope y’all can help me out. Thanks for your time and help
Player(s) with issue: Fyrefyghter
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): early afternoon MST, not sure the time cuz I didnt know I might be able to get help with it.
Playfield: Stella Morti
Structure Name(s): Fyre’s Cerberus PSV
Structure ID(s): 22724234.
How can we help you now: Drop an Alien core or two into my inventory? Its always no until ya ask, right? Thanks for y’alls help in this matter

alright. So you tried to get the Alien Core out of your structure with your multi tool?
That is similar to the try to get placed alien container back: not possible.

Alien Cores can only get back with egs recycle level 5.
But I see the CV had an Alien Core.

As lesson learned and one time service I gave you the alien core in the inventory back.

I had talked to him, I think he was trying to add lag armor around the core and with the lag, he took out the block and the AC. But thanks RexXxus

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