Aliencore problem

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:*Hello installed this aliencore in my station located in peacemaker east i try to do the command your wesite gaves but was not very clear each id had tio be inserted i try the old base id did not work i try my name the faction name did not work when my base was taken and destroyed by my own guns.
Player(s) with issue: Write here
Time (cb:time): Write here
**Playfield:**Peacemaker east
Structure Name(s): Indic@
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: i need all my the resources to bulis a new base the core back and instructions on how to plant this core in a right way.

No Idea what you are talking about.
No Structure called Indic@
No Structure Id given
No time given
No clear information given.

Sorry but with such a post we can’t help. Even searching for all kind of possibilities did not give me any clue what structure you set to an alien core.

So please give clear information if you want help. Ask the community, if you don’t know how to get those information.

Ok lets try again.
Location : Peacekeer East
Last Structure name: =BA=102=Lyra 7
My name: Indic@ Steam name: Indica68
Time about 2 hours ago

I installed this Aliencore in my base and was ready to insert this command (id? who knows could the structure, i try messgae : Sorry Indic2! i was no able to indentify the last owner pls contact ADM, I rty my name and the Faction name did not work.Well my bade got destroyed i need all my the blueprint back and know how to install this core.

try both

I need that strucure delete and get my completed
blueprint back

First week playing on this server i lost 3 completed BP never got it back, a week later lost another 4 BP never got it back, yesterday i try to cross servers got my Character wiped and wallet now this.Im getting tired belive me the only reason im still playing is because i donated to the server.

And we appreciate your support, however I’m honest to you:

  1. I can understand that HWS has a steep learning curve and you obviously don’t want to bother to learn our features / story but what do you expect?

  2. If you buy a machine and don’t know how it work and it blows up your house or whatever because you didn’t read the manual, what will the manufacture say to you, hm?

  3. You did CSW without having a clue or fully understood how it works and what to do. You logged out during the important import / export procedure. What do you expect will happen? Of course data were lost. Not our fault. Yet we fully helped you.

  4. You are using a super big feature of having the power about an Alien Core. Quite sure I hope that this is by no means vanilla. Any command you are typing in chat is NOT vanilla and needs some lessons before using. So again you didn’t have a clue what you are doing with it and just yolo place it before informing yourself. Furthermore you placed it during the restart process

Which is telling you even straight ahead what to do:

30.12.2017 23:00:07 SERVER Empyrion Server restart in 5:00 minutes. Please stop flying/fighting/building and log out!

Yet you still build something and are tired of it… (and tool couldn’t recognize that you were the previous owner of the core)

So no hard feelings @Indica and maybe you still blame us for your mistakes but this here cost us over hours of hours of investigation, chatting, communication between us admins only because you hadn’t 30 seconds to inform yourself before using our features.
I hope you see the point here and for the future, maybe.

So I set that base back to your faction and hope to not run into such situations again.

Good Night.

base is destroyed i need the BP back

and Another thing i did get all the info in the website and even asked on support before doing it.and the instruction on the website is not clear on each id u have to insert caude for a new player could be hes name? faction name? struture name? how to get the id of something is not yours anymore? i did find a way but tell u something is not easy. I need my bp back and Staion deleted

And you even ignore all of my message.

I can’t help you anymore mate. I don’t have a single damn clue of what “BP back” you are talking about. I just checked your base and it is there. I can’t see any damage. I can’t see a destroyed base. I JUST DON’T KNOW what you want from me / us.

It is written on the page. Everything as good as I could. I mean, maybe I do also a video but other people know exactly how to do it. Why not just asking them??

Sorry for your experience.

Im not gonna gather resources again for this BP.Base is got hit im not going fix also.

Im done with this game

I try to remove aliencore from the strucure i got destroyed i need another aliencore