Aliens and poi's

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I checked out homeworld:

^ fully intact poi, but looted dry. Everywhere the same. Gotta visit I dunno how many poi until you find one they forgot to loot and you can’t see which ones are looted and which ones are not. Went to another planet, same problem…

All looted dry using drones. Takes 30 seconds to loot entire poi dry from the inside of your ship using drone… Someone on the server is now super super super rich. Sadly not me.

Please wipe and spawn aliens. I checked several planets, no more poi’s… well they are intact yes… But no loot. All looted out. also I don’t get why you place so many ultra rare and other rare containers 2 blocks away from entrance…

Also there are some other bugs like your turrets trying to shoot invulnerable blocks. So you gotta disable turrets while you are inside and then someone can freely destroy your CV…

Then I was like, perhaps mine some erestrum or something… But deposit size: 300… No thanks. So basically I return to planet, play minecraft and automine until this is all fixed?

Also my preparation was wasted:

All you need is a drone and a 400 ingot warpship with 1 gun to shoot drones. We should have been informed about this in 4.x so we could have given feedback that this would go horribly wrong, and it did.

Better block POIs doors for ALL. Than u need to destroy them, and farm POIs! Not just pick loot and run…

P.S.: n1 bug farm.

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All turrets aims on Core. Be happy ))))

I’m not. Still exploits and still abuse with targeting (you must use it in order not to be at a disadvantage) and new poi’s = big fail: again abused + we have drones or simply zerg it by respawning 100x + lag to still abuse it…) and I’m bored… Doors would fix most of the abuse but would still not stop zerging POI’s.

Drilling is not worth it any aliens are all looted… No reward for shooting them. And can’t spawn my big CV because rules are still not up I don’t even know if mine is even allowed. And then what? I saw nobody anywhere. Everybody is hiding.

I know cry cry cry but one can’t really disagree with me either I guess.

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just make pause, and relax. I rly couldnt understand what to do, so I take a break for some time, and look what “next”… POIs bugged and EPIC lagged. MSL-H in HV/SV shot in ground, same with auto aim on Turrets.
And ofc AMAZING universe with living in space… nope. Im sad too.

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Did you also notice that the food is spoiling in alien POI’s? No more canned vegetables after the first few hours, only spoiled food… Those containers should act as fridges while under alien control.

We ruin all POI near in 1st hour after start (one POI we made for XP-farm, and kill aliens for hour), so we didnt find this bug…

I did fear this, Will speak to Rex as Devs need to fix this ability…there is no way to prevent players not wanting to ‘Have fun’ and beat POI the way they should…You using a drone clearly shows you are one of them.

Sorry you want easy poi you can just sit back an snipe and then run and get easy loot. Its not a bug its completely intentional. Take away the drone situation then what do we have? Players HAVE to go inside and beat the Aliens, Worried about your CV, The poi are not meant to be taken down by one person so get some friends i guess :wink:

Again intentional, We have large ore deposits that take litrally 3 mins to totally mine out…then we are left with having to reset every day…players not being able to build underground…Or maybe we have small deposits and when they are at a % a steady stream of meteorites fall…so then there is always resources is not about 1st person wins the guy in 2 weeks is screwed.

90% of posts i read from yourself are critical about so much, They can be helpful also but seriously dude constantly faulting in a none constructive way is pointless, The drone thing im glad you bought to our intention but the dramatics with so much

Maybe take a break from the game and come back when things are maybe more to your liking?

We try to do the best with what we got.

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Why would I go inside full rambo mode only to find out after dying 10x and god knows what that it has been entirely looted? No reward for all that. Better use drones and check if it’s looted, 99% chance it is as I only checked it out today, which is too late.
It’s not against the rules but someone already did it and spoiled it for the rest. But even if he/she had done it the normal way, I would still have to facecheck every indestructible POI to find out if it’s been looted or not. We need to be able to tell if a POI has been looted or not so we don’t have to use drones or go all Rambo for nothing.

But hopefully you can report to the devs that drones should be disabled near alien controlled poi’s. It also allows for an exploit not mentioned in this post (already reported to Rex, used it only once to provide proof).

[quote=“Achilles, post:8, topic:2889”]
Players HAVE to go inside and beat the Aliens,
[/quote] Park CV near entrance and let it shoot all aliens (or lure them out and let them live to prevent respawn) and draw them out (or use 2nd player), then go in and blow up sentries with rocket/plasma gun. There are so many other problems with it. Even without drones, the POI’s are not properly designed (sorry). They need a ‘smart entrance design’ to prevent all this cheesing and a rule against using drones. I don’t believe in “more is less” that much. Doors like Alex suggested will also help a bit but would still be open for too much abuse.

Destructible poi’s have another problem (other than blowing/digging it with your SV/CV). Namely that you can shoot a block in the hallway and all aliens fall inside and are perma stuck while you loot everything (just to name one).

Had this discussion shortly with Rex as well. I know and you are 100% right here.
I find lots of problems/bugs/exploits/imbalances/whatever (many many many more than the average player) and I report them. But the drama I should leave out… But for some reason I can’t… Perhaps I’m too annoyed with the game.
And some imbalances/exploits are just facepalms to me as I can’t understand how devs/admins missed those as it takes me literally 10 seconds to find it out (as will others). I know you guys are super busy and I shouldn’t think like that, that is all on me. I appreciate all your hard work and I probably couldn’t do it any better.

I have been considering taking a break as well since 5.0. I had fairly low expectations but it turned out to be even lower regarding balance and such. I like the fact that we can fight aliens instead of just players. But the aliens&poi are not ready yet but I expected them to be. This combined with no wipe/respawn yet
Or perhaps I go 100% passive minecraft on 1 base for funz and stop reporting and then take a break. That last option is actually very likely.

Yes and I appreciate all your hardwork even though my posts sometimes indicate otherwise, I don’t mean it like that I’m sorry for that.

EDIT: Just lost another 2 stacks of items due to unknown reasons… This game not for me (yet) perhaps…
EDIT2: Okay I’m taking a break. Christmas sales coming up with 100 items on wishlist anyway + I can’t enjoy the bugs/gameplay in 5.0 it bugs me out and drives me mad.

Make a new block ‘Alien Combat Steel’ 1000000 hp used on all the hull for POIs. Disable the use of drones at the anti-grief base radius, problem solved.

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Why would you make a new alien block when they already have invulnerable blocks in game for the various capturable PoI’s?

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The outer blocks of the POIs must be indestructible, all must now be built underground, the models that are on the surface must be abandoned and replaced by others similar to the abandoned mine, all the blocks on the side and the top of O Pois must be indestructible.
In the interior there must be ample places where the towers of the same external defenses can be placed to make it difficult to access and require a large group of players style of danger one of the wolrd of warcraft … to get to the treasures that must be well hidden in the Bottom of the POI, preferably behind some statue or wall mosaic that must be destroyed to only then access the rare container.

Or even behind an indestructible door that contains a password that is written in the form of a puzzle to be deciphered by the group …

Short version:

  • Indestructible blocks can remain as they are now.
  • Drones should be disabled near, above, under, inside of POI as long as alien core is still there.
  • Ultra rare boxes and such should not be placed 1-2 blocks near entrance as this allows grab&run.
  • Something to prevent zerging/sprinting (destructible doors perhaps?). Sentries don’t work well against this depending on room layout because of server lag and such. But sentries can work with proper layout.
  • Entrances must be redesigned so that aliens can not be lured outside or killed with an SV/CV and so that the player can not camp outside in any way.
  • Some old POI’s also need a rework. I can just sprint from entrance to rare container and back with only taking slight or no damage from perhaps a sentry… They also don’t spawn enough ranged enemies.
  • Devs: Netcode is still no good. Capped or near-capped FPS but still get lag-shot by sentries that kill me while I’m already behind a wall or whatever. Same with alien plasma turrets that I see are exploding in mid-air in front or next of me but away from my ship, but still my ship takes damage and various other cases that are alike. Perhaps server can’t keep up that is also possible. Now in some of the new POI’s this is a problem where like 12 sentries in one room are stacked. Better than 4.0 but still needs much more work.
  • Devs: AI must be able to climb out of a gap/climb walls. Also they can often not use elevators and such.
  • A certain exploit that I PM-ed Rex a while ago must also be fixed.
  • Devs: I can shoot aliens that are hugging doors from the other side (their hitbox goes through the door) so I can clear a room sometimes 100% safe (example: the little moving turret bots do that, their guns stick out and you can shoot 'em).
  • Devs: Turrets should not attempt to shoot indestructible blocks…

A few solutions:

1: Make using F5 drone cost 1RP. (if those POI’s are constantly farmed like that the value of epics will drop and eventually it wont be worth the 1RP cost :stuck_out_tongue: )

2: Make better POI’s, maybe hold a POI design competition where we spawn our own POI’s on event planet and people run them and the hardest ones win, i’m not sure if its possible to replace existing POI models with custom models, if it isn’t I have a feeling it wouldn’t be too hard for the dev’s to implement.

3: Change RP requirements, becuase the way i see it, who ever farmed all those POI’s currently owns a monopoly on epics and can just charge rediculas prices that people have no choice but to accept if they want RP.

Other options for RP req:

1: 1RP per day for each pvp planet visited Caps at 5. (Encourages people to take risks)

2: Each POI core destroyed Gives 1RP to everyone that shot at it. (Rewarding for group play, and provides potential PVP around POI’s between different alliances, also makes people travel a lot more to find the poi’s in the first place.)

3: 1RP per day for each Different trading station you have goods on sale at in pvp area’s Caps at 5 (Alternate for trader orientated people, good for encouraging convoys to protect freighters.)

Hope any of these ideas would help.

1: I disagree.
2: I disagree.
3: Agreed. But not because of the epics. They will soon drop everywhere when they turn on alien spawn. But requirement should change.

1: I disagree, leads to stupid farming.
2: Interesting idea but probably not supported by the game and RP needs to cap at 1 or 2 per day from this source.
3: Not a bad idea for traders. But some traders don’t actively use Eleon Market and still make big profits.