All my resources were in backpack and got lost

My player name is Hurtful Toad. I reset my player last night because of a bug that stuck me into my SV. I tried all the respawn options after death and it would still stick me into that vessel after 5 seconds at my spawn point. Even had a friend blow up the cockpit and core, and me to no avail.

Anyway, after reseting my player, I was trying to start back using my donation reward resources. It was all working out but this morning, I kept all valuable resources in my backpack when I logged because I was on PVP Earth Outpost and didnt have adequate defenses.

So, I logged in at lunch to try to start a blueprint, and it acts like my player has reset again. I lost all my donation reward ingots! I guess my new base and SV are gone too, but I can rebuild those easy enough.

Can you please just reset my resource reward points so that I can start over with them?


Done. Playfield unload would be the only solution for such cases when you are stuck

Thanks so much & I will study playfield unload procedure for future,