All my ships lost on lua orbit (EU Pvp)

Hello, i had 1 CV and SV + BA on lua orbit and didn’t played 6 days, now i connected and there is no this structures anymore. Is where was wipe on lua orbit? In intruder log there is no anyone, also no this structures in Structure commander/registry. Did i miss something or break rules? Those structures was class 1-2 so should not break rules about size… I can’t even say IDs because they are not listed in structure commander. Anyway i do remember name of CV: “Flying Box (C-A-002L)” or something like this. Any help about whats wrong? If they was discovered and destroyed its ok, but why Intruder log then empty? Structures was 70km+ away from planet. I just want at least know what happened with it.

  • Server: EU
  • Time it happend: within last 6 days
  • Name of the ship(s)/Base: Flying Box (C-A-002L)
  • What playfield? lua orbit

You say the ships/bases are not in structure commander at all?

Yes, those structures not displaying in structure commander, i have only really old structures what was removed long time ago and still somewhy displaying in commander, but not structures about what i’m talking in this thread. Last time when i checked they was in commander and not deleted (6 days ago) and also had visited 0 days (should not be removed due decay timer).

Seems odd - wipe doesn’t remove from the structure commander. And the wipe is after 9 days.

You’re on the right server right?

Will need one of the big guys to look into that.

Yes i’m on right server, because my character is on right location where ships was, and i have some my stuff in inventory. Anyway like i said if it was discovered and raided then its ok, but strange that intruder log is empty. So i want to know if it was raided or removed by another reason or what happened at all.


they were attacked and decored:

Intruder log does only push data of the last 2 days to the web. The attack happend 3 days ago. Thats why you dont see anything anymore.

Ok thank you very much for information. Now i can just wait for 6.0 as i lost everything))

70km out - you’d think they’d be difficult to find.

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