Alpha 10.4: Unity 2019 and more Improvements and Bug Fixes

Hi HWS Community,
The big 10.4 patch is online! It means 2 main things:

  1. The game is running on Unity 2019 now! Evenutally this means a BIG fix for the current TCP network communication bug, happening on PvP = disconnects.
    Without warranties, it would be cool, if you could have some 20 player PvP party on Eton again today to verify.

  2. Eleon implemented control over the return rate of resources in the Config! Vanilla means for example that you get 20% Chance to get 1-3 Gold Ore per tick. Gold is also set as “Medium Terrain Material” for your info.
    With our HWS Config, we could change those values, giving you more resources for the same tick rate (= boost performance).

Oh, I forgot a third thing which is almost a separate important ping worth

- Network: better detecting if a player is trying to cheat with using low bandwith (not activated yet)

With the help of other Server Owners and players, I talked very long time with Eleon about the topic “UPD Manipulation”.
They have implemented now couple of checks to prevent abuse regarding this and logging it for now.
If all is good the next days we try to activate it.
In best case: fair PvP for everyone and perma banning everyone who doing it!
Worst case: we need more time to adjust the “limiter” for certain actions and configure it along the way.

Ah, and a fourth HWS info:
We are also logging at the moment every ship on ECC, which is parking there longer than 7 days. In the next step = few days we would remove them! Some either left the game and their ship on ECC or don’t care about taxes. Ruining the performance for over 300 players per day, who visit EGS HQ on ECC though.
So please make sure to not park your ships longer than 7 days on ECC!


I park where I want!

Perfect fit.